10 Mistakes Made While Applying Foundation


10 Mistakes Made While Applying Foundation

Mistakes Made While Applying Foundation – There are a number of mistakes women make when applying foundation. The biggest of these is pressing the wrong product into their skin, as this will not only change your appearance but can leave you with an embarrassing rash. When looking for a good makeup that will work well, make sure you read the label and check for ingredients. Some foundations contain alcohol, which is a drying agent and a makeup remover. Avoid any makeup that contains alcohol as it will leave your skin dry and flaky.

Mistakes Made While Applying Foundation


Mistake #1: Mistaking a Hydrating Foundation Product For a Fatty Moisturizer. When applying a foundation, cream or lotion, always look for the words “mineral oil” or “hydrating cream”. These products are designed to help your skin stay hydrated throughout the day while applying your makeup. The problem with many products is they are also designed to thicken your skin after applying the foundation so you have a smoother appearance. Don’t be fooled; mineral foundation actually contains ingredients that can clog your pores and can even strip away the natural oils your skin possesses.


Mistake #2: Using a Wide Tooth Brushing Tool Instead of a Flat Iron Brush. A wide tooth brush will ensure a more even application of your makeup, especially if you have a lot of curl. If you are applying concealer, using a fine tooth bristle brush will give you a more precise coverage. If you are applying blush, using a wide tooth brush is highly recommended.


Mistake #3: Using a Clearing Cream Before Applying Foundation. Even though applying a clear and cleansing cream before applying foundation can make the process go a bit faster, you should never skip this step. Cleansing or clearing creams will remove any makeup residues and moisturizers can dramatically enhance the look of your skin. It’s a good idea to use two different cleansers and a moisturizer once you’re finished applying the foundation.


Mistake #4: Wearing too Much Foundation. Contrary to what many women believe, wearing too much foundation can actually cause your skin to appear older, rather than younger. It’s important to apply the foundation in layers to even out the appearance of your wrinkles.


Mistake #5: Not Wetting the sponge After Applying Foundation. Most foundations are designed to completely cover your face and even out your tone, but if you forget to wet the sponge, it won’t even come close to giving you a natural glow. If you apply too much, the cream will just sit on your face until it dries up, which will make your complexion even worse.


Mistake #6: Shading the Foundation. Even though many makeup brands offer brush-on applications, many people prefer using a sponge while applying foundation. A sponge will give you more control how much makeup is absorbed by your skin, which means that you can create a more natural look. Using a brush-on application with a lot of shading can leave your face with an uneven shade.


Mistake #7: Not Using a Shelf Life Brush. While most women have at least one shelf life of their blush, some don’t have the same understanding of how long a sponge should be left on a shelf before you should discard it. For your best coverage, don’t touch up cream or powder with a sponge for up to two hours after applying it. This will give your base enough time to absorb into your skin, preventing the cream from running.


Mistake #8: Not Paying Attention to Wrinkles. Most women realize that they’ll need to apply foundation to areas of their face where they have wrinkles, but they usually skip this step. Remember, your foundation will only cover up existing wrinkles, it will do nothing to prevent new ones from forming. If you have fine to medium wrinkles, pay attention to the signs of aging on your skin and apply foundation so that your face is wrinkle-free all day.


Mistake #9: Not Picking the Right Color Foundation. The color of foundation can make or break your makeup job. It’s very important that your makeup artist select the right color foundation for your skin tone. Make sure to ask him or her if the color matches your skin tone before beginning your makeup job.


Mistake #10: Not Picking the Right Shade of Foundation. Choosing a right shade of foundation will make or break your application. If you’re applying a cream foundation, choose a light beige shade and a dark plum or cream shade for your cheekbones and lighter shade for your eye lids. For those with dry skin, a liquid foundation is often too heavy.


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