What Does Decoration Mean?


In general, what does decoration mean? It could mean adding flower pots on the windows or the plants in the garden, it could mean painting the walls with attractive colors, or it could mean adding decorative elements like chairs or tables on the tables. The meaning of decoration varies from one culture to another. However, most people agree that it is something added on objects to make them look more attractive.

The definition of decoration can be derived from two different types of sentence structures. The first type is a complete sentence, which simply means that it adds something to the object to make it look better. An example of this would be, “You should put more flowers in your garden because the flowers look pretty.” In this sentence the complete sentence implies more than the simple word “because.” The second type of sentence is a clause, which simply implies that something is being done with regard to interior decorating. For example, “I had my bathroom redone because I decided that my toilet seat looked too black.”

With this basic information, it is easy to see how a person’s decorating definition can change over time. It has evolved to include new things that are considered decorative today, and were not considered decorating forms just several years ago. A good example is the statement, “I made my room look so beautiful because I put new curtains.” What is being said in this sentence is, “I made my room look so beautiful because I added new decorative items to it,” which shows that the decoration need not necessarily be something physical like flowers or pictures.

Interior decoration does not have to consist of actual objects at all times. Sometimes it is just a matter of choosing the right colors or using the right lighting effects to enhance the space. An example would be a person who has red carpet in her living room, but chooses to use words to make the entire room look red instead. This sentence could be read, “I got rid of my red carpet so that I could brighten up my house.” What is being said is, “I simplified my room by getting rid of the red carpet, and then I used a red colored couch to make it look nicer.”

Another way to use words to enhance the decor of a room is to use words such as “decorative touches,” “contrast enhancement,” “lighting enhancement,” or “entertainment enhancement.” What is needed here is a description of what is being done to enhance the beauty of the room. For example, if you are looking for a way to make your bedroom look more like a playroom for your children, you can use the phrase, “added decorative touches such as play furniture” to describe exactly what is needed to make that happen.

It is possible to over complicate your sentences with decorating definitions, but with the help of this list you should be able to simplify things just fine. Don’t worry if you have not decorated your home before, or if you do not know what decorations are acceptable. As long as you are describing what is needed to make your room look its best, then you are off to a good start!




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