An Overview of Envirolets


An Overview of Envirolets

If you’re a big fan of Enya’s music, you’ve probably already discovered Enya’s Envira, which is an incredible beer made right here in the United States by Enya herself. You can pick up your glass now and enjoy a cold brew while listening to the beautiful vocals of Enya and her band, the Silvertones. If you don’t know who Enya is, she sings and plays the violin, and also sings songs about love, faith, hope, and courage. She’s truly a remarkable woman with a heart of gold. If you enjoy good beer, this is a great American brand to enjoy right here in your home town.

The first of the three varieties of Enya’s beers we’ll discuss is Enya’s version of the sugary wheat beer we all know and love. It’s called Enya Wheat Ale, and it’s got a nice wheat flavor that is light-bodied without being cloying. If you enjoy a light wheat ale with a hint of hop, this is the brew for you. It’s easy drinking, and it will quench your thirst without consuming a ton of calories. For only 4% alcohol content, it’s a perfect example of how you can get your fix without drinking too much!

Another one of Enya’s wonderful offerings is Navigator. Navigator is a light lager that is brewed with Navigation Gold malt, which makes it a nice refresher. There is some sweetness added to Navigator, but it’s not over powering, and definitely not overly sweet. This will be perfect if you’re having some company over, because it goes down smooth. For some reason, Navigator always has a crowd of people gathered around the bar at closing time.

If you enjoy the light beers we talked about earlier, then you’ll want to try out the Enya De La Fortune (Dog’s nose, with an English tone). This is actually the second release of Enya’s beer, and they really pulled it off with this release. It has a mellow sweetness with a hint of grass in it, similar to Earl Grey. It has hints of malt and oats as well, which make it a perfect drink for a hot day or on a picnic.

If you want something a bit drier than the Navigator, try out Enya De La Fortune. This is another American style brown ale that is made with Navide Malaga malt and the light malt, which makes it a perfect beverage to cool off with after a long day at work or school. There are no fruity flavors or aroma, and there is a rather heavy taste that finishes it off. A perfect refreshing beer for any occasion!

In addition to Navigator and El Charco, there are a few other breweries from Enya that might be worth trying. If you’re a fan of Mexican beers, then try out the following: La Trajana, which is also from Enya; Deschutes, which makes a Belgian-style ale that features the pale color and low carbonation of many beers from the south; and Bellaccini, which is Enya’s own brand of sparkling white ale. Some of these brews are from Mexico, and feature mango, pine, and citrus flavors. However, the main difference between Mexican and American versions is that Enya uses malted barley and wheat for the base of their beers, while most beers from Mexico use rice. This can give a bit of an odd taste to your glass, but it doesn’t have that heavy malt taste.

There are plenty of other options, including El Loco, which is their flagship beer, and is a refreshing and light beer with a moderate hop flavor. There is also Xeno, which is a rather strong tasting dark roast, but it’s made with a Mexican hop variety which adds a nice complexity to it. Bellaccino, which is a lighter version of Navigator, is another great option, and features cranberry and caramel flavors. All of these are from Mexico, where they are roasted and fermented differently.

You don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy the great tastes of Envirolets. They are available at most bars, and are sometimes available as kegers as well. So, the next time you’re near any of your local watering holes, check out what Envirolets have to offer!


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