Best Cities in Finland


Best Cities in Finland

most beautiful cities in finland

Finland is a wonderful country in Europe to explore on any day. Finland has beautiful scenery, spectacular landscapes, some of the world’s most beautiful lakes and rivers, and even the fabulous Ostrobothnia castle on the Suomusco River. Any day is a great day to see Finland. It has interesting culture, interesting history, and a very diverse geography with a lot of forests and open fields. All kinds of wildlife can be found in Finland too. These are just a few reasons to visit the beautiful Finland.

DESCRIPTION. While in Finland, you might not want to think about the best cities in Finland, you should definitely do so after you’ve visited the southern part of the country. Suomenlinna and Helsinki are some of the most beautiful cities in Finland and are also considered to be the jewels of northern Finland. There may be nothing better than an exciting, cultural experience of beautiful old monuments and historical landmarks when you are in Finland, but your northern most representative on that half day excursion will begin right here in the harbor area where you will be welcomed by your charming, local, knowledgeable tour guide.

The northern lights in Finland are a spectacular event during the winter months, but you’ll be in awe of these dazzling sights in the springtime as well. The majority of the old buildings in Suomeno, Turku, and other old and new Finland cities are quite old and there are literally hundreds of magnificent new shops in every city that you visit. Even in the middle of winter, Finland is alive and full of exciting activities.

THE TRADER RIG – If you enjoy fishing and sailing, then a cruise on the levi or kalari is a fantastic way to spend your vacation. These are enormous flat ships that are the size of school boats and have enough sleeping accommodation for groups of twenty or more people. You can sail all through the winter on a levi without stopping as it has enough decks to move around in. In addition to the wonderful scenery, you’ll spot many gray whales, flying fish, and seals. The levi runs throughout most of Finland, but the warmer waters are particularly inviting in the summer time. When the weather starts to warm, head out to the levi or kalari and catch a good deal of redfish, halibut, and other delicacies.

FINNISH Cetus – This is like the polar opposite of the levi. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll see whales and seals, the cetus is the perfect choice. The only problem is that the only time it gets warm is when it’s winter time, so this isn’t the best choice if you like to go to the warmer parts of Finland in the winter. It will however, provide you with plenty of opportunities to view seals and whales whenever you feel the urge.

HELSINKI – When people hear about most beautiful cities in Finland they immediately wonder if it’s possible to reach the capital by ferry. The answer is yes, you can get to HELSINKI from Stockholm by boat, as HELSINKI is part of the Stockholm Archipelago. When you arrive there you can book a hotel or a rental car before enjoying the cruise. There are a couple of touristy destinations to visit in HELSINKI, including the Skokkloster and the Erikermark.

FINNISH PACES – If you love the sound of water flowing over rocks, then visiting some of the best cities in Finland aboard a traditional old sailing ship might be just the ticket for you. There are several sailing tours available in Finland, and you can even charter one to visit the islands around Helsinki. Visit Katakolon, Erikermark, Orja, Mynta and the Lapsenko Islands as part of a three-ship cruise. Finish the tour off with a trip to Skokkloster, the first city in Finland to be discovered by the Romans. While aboard your wooden sailing ship, make sure to try the fresh local coffee or wine.

LAUSAN EVE LAUSAN – If you’re looking for the ultimate family holiday, then a visit to this archipelago of 24 islands might be what you’re looking for. The best cities to visit while here include Helsinki, Turku, Ostrobothnia and Espoo. Spend a day or two relaxing on the beaches of these cities and then take in some of the authentic local food and artwork. Many tourists also visit the three national art museums in Espoo, which are free to visit. The other popular tourist attraction in Lauris is Korkeinnor, which has a collection of carved stone temples. It’s a great place to spend the night and get ready for the next day.


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