Bitcoin Mining Through Starbucks Electricity


Cryptocurrency mining is an attractive practice for a large part of the population. And no one can deny that digital coin miners have strong creative traits in their personality and the way they behave.

Proof of this is that American Idan Abada entered Starbucks and took the opportunity to mine Bitcoins through coffee electricity.

We have already provided several examples here of extravagant and daring schemes for cryptocurrency mining. Some examples are an electric car mine while standing a System with 3800 PlayStation 4Mining it The temperature of the glacial lake has risen In New York, among many other things.

But now there is another unusual story that can be added to this catalog, which is already beginning to expand.

US Bitcoin Mines With Starbucks Energy
The latest news is that American Idan Abada who entered a Starbucks coffee shop and took the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency through the electricity of the institution.

Aidan lives in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, and decides to go to a coffee shop with a small equipment of $875 to mine bitcoins. The miner recorded everything on video and posted it on the social network TikTok.

In the video, the miner also leaves a message that bitcoin mining consumes energy, so he does it at Starbucks for free. The video has been watched by thousands of people, but it is believed that Aidan’s main goal is to promote his store BitcoinMerch.

A system for those who know little about mining
The mini miner system has 10 USB ports and a mini fan attached to cool the pens. These, in turn, are ASIC chips from the manufacturer Bitmain. According to the miner, “It is one of the fastest ways to collect, configure and mine, as all you need is a computer or laptop. It runs via USB and anyone can become a miner and be a part of the crypto world”.

Idan realizes that it is difficult for many people to purchase equipment to build a traditional mining system. In this way, you have created your store with such solutions that make the task easier for those who do not understand much about the process.

The miner also added that sales in his store had already reached $428,000 in 2021, a 355% increase over last year.

However, this device may not be very profitable as it has a very low hash rate. Idan notes that pens generate 0.0002478 bitcoins per month, about $9.85 at the current conversion rate. Okay , CNBC He adds that electricity in Los Angeles costs 22 cents (dollars) a kilowatt-hour. Thus, if the system worked 24 hours a day, it would cost $15.84. Therefore, one can spend more than one earns.


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