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Canadian Immigration Lawyer

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There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to apply for Canadian Immigration. A lot of people seem to think that it is a daunting task and that they should hire a consultant to help them do it. This is an over-used strategy and often leads to disappointment. Do not let this discourage you. Let me give you some good advice about how to prepare for your application.


First of all, if you’re serious about applying for Canadian immigration, I strongly suggest that you invest in an all-inclusive guidebook that shows you everything you need to know about filing an application for citizenship. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something that turns out to be useless. There is also a LOT of fraudulent activity in the Canadian immigration market, so make sure you arm yourself with solid information. Also, before you get into it, keep in mind that you don’t have to necessarily work with an agent on your Canadian immigration application alone.


In fact, working with Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants can really make the process much easier for you. These professionals know all the shortcuts and loopholes involved in the application process. It’s hard to do it yourself and even if you do have access to the correct paperwork, it may not be clear cut.


Now that we have that cleared, let’s look at what it actually takes to hire a consultant to help you file your Canadian immigration application and obtain your permanent residence. A good first step would be to talk to your local immigration lawyer. If you don’t have one, you may want to try contacting various different ones. Ask them for references and case studies of their recent clients. If you can, try to get a referral from one of their previous clients.


Another good place to start is by checking out the Internet. There are many websites and blogs dedicated to the Canadian immigration consultants industry. Check them out and find the one that has the most positive feedback from their past clients. This should give you an indication of who to go with.


As you progress through the Canadian immigration process, you may come across some paperwork that you need a lot more information on. That is the time to contact your consultant/firm. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; your consultant should be able to assist you with any unanswered questions that you have. In the case of business and family applicants, consult with the firm’s lawyer as well.


If at any point you feel you are unsure about something on the application, you should contact the office of the Revenue Services. They will be able to fill you in on all the necessary information to successfully complete your application for Canadian immigration programs. At times, certain forms may need additional explanation, especially if they require information from you that is personal or confidential. Canadian immigration consultants are highly trained professionals and have thorough understanding of all aspects of the immigration programs. In the case of unpaid representatives, make sure you explain the situation to the firm before you proceed.


It is also important to note that in cases where Canadian immigration has been rejected due to security reasons, there is still hope. Canadian immigration officials have the authority to re-process the application, based on new security clearance information. In this case, the application would be sent back to the applicants.


Some people believe they have a criminal record when in reality, their records do not meet the minimum Canadian immigration requirements. This is when an original police record comes into play. A police record checks all criminal information that is accessible to Canadian immigration officials. However, it must be noted that if a criminal record has been issued against the applicant, it can affect his or her ability to become eligible for a canadian passport.


In addition to having a police record, some immigrants have been known to be guilty of criminal infractions. If an immigrant’s crime was one of import/export, business or traffic violations and they plan to use a passport to enter Canada, it could cause problems. Canadian immigration authorities can deny an applicant entry into the country if their criminal record is found to be in their file. Even though an applicant does not yet have a criminal record, some immigration officers do not want to take the risk of allowing an individual with a criminal history to remain in the country. Therefore, it is advised that applicants who are on probation, parole or are on the verge of becoming felonious should apply for their visas early.


There are many other Canadian immigration documents that can affect the processing of an application. If you need assistance in completing or filing for these forms, a good Canadian immigration lawyer can assist you. Immigrants do not have to worry about where to obtain their passport once they have reached Canada. A Canadian immigration lawyer can help them fill out all the necessary forms and to obtain their passport at the earliest convenience.


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