Do We Really Love Our World?


Do We Really Love Our World?

Do we love our world

Do we really love our world? What does it mean to love something? How can you love your world and what it has to offer?


One of the most powerful questions one can ask is Do we love our mothers, fathers, friends, country, or God? When we are growing up it’s easy to become wrapped up in what society wants us to think is “right,” and that’s why it’s hard to find true freedom. But remember that when Jesus Christ came on the scene at the beginning of time everyone was like Adam before he smoked the first rock. He saw the need for true freedom and gave his life to give it to us today.


Have you ever given thanks in your heart for those who have sacrificed for you? Have you planted trees and flowers and given thanks for the fruits and vegetables they’ve brought you? Are you thankful for your friends who are willing to serve in the military for you? The feeling of love for your brothers and sisters is a beautiful, natural thing. It is not forced and it doesn’t feel good but it is there.


You might be wondering how you can love your neighbors so much? What does it mean to give them respect? How do you show them that you love them? Can you show them that you love them by being respectful of them? Do you know exactly what it means to love them?


When we are walking in the spirit of love we experience a wonderful peace, and we move into a place of happiness. We become at peace with all of our brothers and sisters and god. It feels good to just be in the presence of those whom we love. That peace of mind has a way of making everything else go away.


So, when we have people whom we love in our lives we tend to experience a great deal of peace and happiness. When you look around you often you will see that people in positions of power are doing just that: working to make others feel good about them. I believe that the feeling of peace and happiness comes from the heart. If you want to work on making yourself feel better and live a more fulfilled life you have to pay attention to your heart.


People who love one another have a way of giving when they are talking, laughing, sharing, and even when they are sad. They use words like tenderness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, generosity and a multitude of other words to convey their feelings. Listen to the way someone communicates when you are having an affair. The tone they use, the words they use, and the emotions they express will tell you a lot about how they feel about you and your relationship.


Paying attention to how you feel about others, and communicating in a genuine and caring way is a great way to bring others up and out of the dark and into light. I know that sounds rather simplistic but it really does work. So, “Do We Love Our World?”


The way we express love also tells you a lot about who we are and how we want to be perceived by those we love. It tells us what kind of person we are and what our values are. It gives us a glimpse into how we want to spend our lives. I think most of us could agree that people who show love and care do far more for those around them than those who don’t. The more we express love to those close to us the more fulfilling and meaningful our relationships are.


One of the things that has become increasingly clear to me over the years is that there are really two ways to show love. There is romantic love and there is caring or being compassionate. We need to choose one and make it our priority to put that quality before anything else. The quality of our love is a vital part of our satisfaction in life.


Some people are very good at giving affection while others are not. Those who are able to give true love to those they love have more fulfilling and rewarding relationships than those who just do the best that they can. It seems to me that true love is choosing to be there and let go of the attachment to being in control. The more accepting of other people and their differences the happier and fuller life will be for us. When we are in control of our lives we don’t really give anyone permission to make us happy.

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