Don’t Throw away Pet Bottles! DIY Ideas from Pet Bottles

DIY ideas from plastic bottles have been very popular in recent years. We are sure that you will like the pet bottle evaluation ideas that you will not think of. While different designs can be made with the plastics in the lower parts of pet bottles, it is possible to obtain products that you can use in every corner of your home with their caps.

1- You Can Obtain Pots For Your Garden By Painting Pet Bottles


By painting pet bottles, you can create colorful flower pots for your balconies and gardens and create cheerful and lively environments.

2- Wonderful Puffs from Pet Bottles

Isn’t it a very unusual idea that you can meet the needs of your home? You can design poufs suitable for the decoration of your home with the plastic bottles you will collect.

3- No More Pen Mess!

We are sure that you will love to prepare pet bottle pencil holders, which you can prepare for your children’s rooms, for your offices, and which you can decorate by painting them in the color you want.

4- Designs You Will Surprise

Did you think that only household appliances could be designed from plastic bottles? A house design that amazes those who see it, all prepared with plastic bottles.

5- Good News for Those Who Love Their Comfort

You can use the rocking chair made from plastic bottles as a TV chair, a reading chair or a resting chair.

6- Color the Walls of Your Home

You can make wonderful paintings with pet bottle caps. You can use the colors of the covers as well as applying the painting process to obtain priceless paintings that are your own labor.

7- Door Curtains in Bead Appearance

You can create curtains for your kitchen, balcony and garden doors by gluing the pet bottle caps together in a row.

8- Patterned Phone Holder

By drawing patterns on the plastic bottles you cut and shape, you can put an end to the clutter that will occur while charging your phone.

9- Chandeliers You Cannot Distinguish From Glass

You can be sure that everyone will be amazed by the chandelier model you will create by processing the tops of pet bottles.

10- Perfect Chandeliers Await You

The perfect pet bottle recycling project that you can create from colorful bottles that you can use in your kitchens and entrances.


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