Generating Passive Income on Google Maps


I have developed myself in these sectors for years and I continue to improve. I always create and develop new projects with the motivation to earn more, sometimes even beyond winning, and sell them when they reach maturity.

One of the methods that I thought about and found many years ago and thus earned very good earnings is the passive income model on google maps. This income model primarily provides you with environmental opportunities. If your circle is very wide in your normal life, you can earn much bigger profits from this business.

Well, you ask what is this job, but first of all, I would like to point out that going fast is of no use to you or anyone else. Learning by digesting the work allows you to earn more in the future. There is no need to hurry, we tell you 😀

I tested the business model only 1 month before I opened a topic. The total income he earned me during this process is 2300+ liras. Yes, you heard it right, I earned 760 liras from this job in 1 month. Without any hassle. This is how passive income works. You work for a certain period of time and set up the system, then you start to earn income. There’s no point in prolonging the word, let’s get started 😉

Generating Passive Income Through Google Maps
First of all, you should have a local guide account on a very clean and solid google maps. Thanks to this account, we will add locations to certain points. The positions we will add will be professional positions. That’s why the local directory account is very important. If you do not have a local directory account, you need to buy a location from such service providers for a price of 120-150 liras per room (I provide this service)
Afterwards, you determine the most elite and clean districts (with good earnings that can give jobs) in the province you have been in.
Then, we add one of the 3 oldest professions here. Let’s take Çankaya, for example. We are adding a location to Çankaya in Ankara. Çankaya as an electrician.
Afterwards, we send 5-star comments of 20+ words from 5 different devices to the Çankaya Electrician location that we have added. Of course, when creating this position, you have to fill in all the information completely. Especially the phone must be absolutely correct.
We have done all the operations and the location, phone, comments and images are ok. So what’s next?
Now it’s your turn to deal with the electrician. You will find a good master and you will make a deal like this. Master, I will bring you work every day. I don’t know the amount of work you will do, but I will constantly pass you a job. You will pay me between 15-30 liras per job. You somehow agree with the master.
You will direct the callers to this master, but not direct number forwarding. First you have to listen to them like a master like a normal electrician who will learn the job. Then you will say ok, we will do the job, I will give your number to my master and he will call you right away. The rest is between the master and the customer.
Well, if you think that the customer is giving a job or the master is doing the job, or if you think that the master is deceiving me, the solution is simple. You can easily find out the incident by calling the customer on the same day or the next day, saying, sir, are you satisfied with our service.
Now I want to show you how many phones the location I added 1 month ago received.

This is a normal city (not a big city)


I deliberately hid the necessary places. You can add locations such as electrician or water heater or natural gas – combi boiler service for a city and district that you specify. All you have to do is deal with a master.

Another graphic


On average, 4-8 calls are received per day. In other words, 4-8 people call daily to give a job.

How Do I Earn More?
You can do this whole process for a few locations or for all districts in your province. You even have the opportunity to add and control locations over different provinces. I didn’t mention it just in case you know, but you can easily check all your locations through the my business panel.

my work

Come on now it’s your turn. You learned the business. Nothing is free. In return for having such a valuable business model, you can subscribe to our site by e-mail or comment. Also, when you comment, you earn backlinks. Besides, these things are always for your benefit, bro.


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