Homemade Organic Insect Sprays – Saving Money And The Environment


Homemade Organic Insect Sprays – Saving Money And The Environment

Homemade Organic Insect Sprays

Homemade organic insect sprays can be a good choice for your garden. They are often more effective than store bought ones and are safer too. Organic means that no matter what the ingredients are or how they are made they are safer. However, before you get started you need to understand that many of the sprays contain harmful chemicals.


Organic sprays are designed to kill pests and prevent them from getting in. They also are made to make sure other insects aren’t affected by the insecticide. Most of them use natural organic ingredients. They are made to be safe for the environment and are safe for people too. There are several different types of organic sprays, including black, yellow and red.


You have many choices when making organic insect sprays. Most of them come in a concentrate form so you just spray the perimeter of the plant. However, there are sprays that will soak the foliage up so they can be sprayed around the entire plant. In addition, there are sprayers that will go straight to the plant and there are those that can be used by pulling the weed edge close to the sprayer nozzle.


Homemade organic sprays are also less expensive than store bought versions. The price will depend on what type of organic sprays you choose. However, the cost will be comparable to commercial insecticides. They are not going to break the bank either.


Organic sprays do not require any maintenance. You just add water and spray it down. No extra watering is required. Some of the sprays will require you to shake the container once or twice a day to aerate the soil. This is not difficult and does not take up much time.


There are sprays specifically designed for certain insects like lady bugs. You can get these sprays at your local nursery or online. The advantage of using these types of sprays is that they are not dangerous and they will not cause damage to the home.


When you make your own insect sprays, there is no chance that they could potentially become contaminated. As long as you follow the directions closely and you use the right amount, you will be safe. There is nothing worse than using an unsafe spray and having it effect your health. That is why it is important that you carefully follow the directions.


Homemade organic insect sprays are an effective way to get rid of the pests that hurt and cause you problems in your yard. It makes sense to make your own pesticide with the assurance that you are not harming anyone. It is easier than you think and it will save you money. Organic pest control does work when used properly. Do not take chances when it comes to the safety of your family. Take a few minutes and learn how to make your own organic insect sprays.


There are several different organic insect sprays on the market. You can choose from citrus kind, garlic, peppermint, basil and others. Make sure you understand the type of insects you are dealing with and then choose the right product for them. The sprays have instructions that indicate how much and how often they should be sprayed.


Spraying all of the garden soil is not always necessary. It is recommended that you use selective spraying. This will make the plants healthier. By making your own organic pesticides you will be eliminating the chemicals that are harmful to the environment. You will also be protecting the environment by making your own products.


Homemade organic sprays can also save you money. They are less expensive than store bought products and they last longer. The oils that are in some commercial products can actually harm the crops. By making your own organic pesticides you can use those oils to coat your vegetables or fruits so they will be healthy. You can also make your own organic flea control products.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on commercial products if you have a good sprayer and a little patience. Many of the organic insect sprays available on the market are made by home gardeners who enjoy growing organic vegetables and fruits in their backyard. It is very satisfying to grow your own vegetables and fruits and to know that you are making your own pest control and organic pesticides to protect them.


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