How Can I Be Bald With No Accomplishments? The Answer is Simple


How Can I Be Bald With No Accomplishments? The Answer is Simple

how can i be handsome

“How can I be handsome?” asks one of my brothers recently. His eyes are set on a much more important goal: to be certified as a United States Marine Corps officer. What will it take to get him there?


“Not much, but better than average,” says my father. And just what is average? “About six inches,” he says with a smile. That, my friend, is as good as any.


But will it get deceived easily? I have a sneaking suspicion. Growing up, my brother and I were always told that physical beauty wasn’t everything. We were told that true success was found in the person of selflessness and compassion. I guess I’ve always known I had those qualities, but for some reason I never thought much about them.


This month marks the one-year anniversary of my brother’s graduation from college. He’ll be the oldest of four children, and will have to face the realities of his approaching age. He already knows the big secret of how I became a successful writer. It wasn’t by studying, reading, and absorbing – the way I did for most of my life.


I found it by asking myself a few questions. Do I like people because I enjoy their company, or do I like people because I’m attracted to them? And do I possess the social graces of a civilized society, or am I fundamentally an uncaring, unkind, self-absorbed scoundrel?


The results of my own research seem to indicate that I am fundamentally an unsociable kind of person. I don’t like to make new friends and I find it difficult to maintain friendships I once enjoyed. So how can I be handsome? It seems I must have qualities that make me attractive to others. But I can’t put a label on my attractiveness. My face is probably the only physical characteristic I’ve ever been able to change, but that was a century ago.


Being physically attractive, however, isn’t the only way to gain social approval. There are other ways. Being knowledgeable, thoughtful, and alert may earn you points with your peers. Thinkingfully picking out the right pair of socks could earn you some brownie points with your boss. Thinking back on my own adolescence, I can’t recall ever being particularly handsome.


I did manage to get a date once though, just by standing up and talking. How can I be handsome then? Through determination and willpower. I put myself through the embarrassment of trying to dance in public and I learned how to pick my nose. It’s all a matter of how you want to see yourself.


But let’s back up a minute. What exactly constitutes handsome? And how can I know whether or not a woman finds me attractive?


Good question! A decider is one who decides what’s good for him. By choosing good characteristics instead of the wrong characteristics, a decider can make himself attractive to anyone. He can improve his looks, learn how to flirt properly, and build up his confidence.


But isn’t there something else a decider can do to make himself more attractive to women? Well, of course. A decider can be sensitive. Sensitivity is the key. If a man has sensitivity, he’ll be able to recognize when a woman isn’t attracted to him and he can work to improve his appeals.


For instance, how can I be handsome if I’m clumsy? Now that’s just not nice! But a decider knows there are certain gestures that women react strongly to. If he knows how to master those gestures, he’ll come across as more charming to the ladies. And that’s what every man wants.


Now here comes the great part. Once a man has learned how to flirt with women, all he has to do is practice. Practice every day. No, I’m not talking about going out and having a night out at some club. You have to be at home alone, doing what you have to do to make yourself look better.


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