How Does the bitcoin Mining Work?


How Does the bitcoin Mining Work?

With its burst popularity in the web and online communities, a lot of people have come to know about the bitcoin. It has been termed as a digital cash that works on a computer. The main feature of it is that it doesn’t involve any other currencies. It is a peer to peer network that works similarly to the internet. With the help of the internet, a particular user can send or receive payments or transactions with anybody else in the world.



The basic function of the digital currency is to provide a payment system for the users. Through this, they can transact with each other easily and conveniently by sending their requests to the network through a connection to the internet. They can do it either through the ordinary public computer networks or through the electronic money transfer systems like the credit cards. In this way, they can make their transactions with one another easily by just using the digital currencies. Their transaction can run both rapidly and securely.


In the year 2009, the value of the bitcoins increased to more than eight billion dollars. This was an astonishing development for the public ledger. It is because the system is no longer limited to a few select countries that were using the bitcoins as legal tender. The bitcoins can now be used anywhere in the world as a legal tender. The following are the different uses of the bitcoins as a payment system:


Transactions Through the bitcoin network is very easy and safe. Transactions are recorded in the public ledger of the network. Transactions that happen inside the network are listed in the public ledger of the bitcoin. A buyer and a seller can enter into a transaction with the help of the bitcoin machines or software that are installed in their respective homes. Transactions are recorded and are stored in the public ledger that comes under the digital currency.


Wallets and Mining For the users, there are two options available, they can either choose to have a hardware based private key infrastructure or they can go through the use of the bitcoin network. For the hardware based private keys, it gives a lot of freedom to the user. However, it is also quite risky as you can lose your private keys anytime. The use of the bitcoin network on the other hand gives more safety to the users as their transactions are protected by a group of experts and programmers who protect the privacy and security of the users.


Mining The process of mining is done by the use of the bitcoin machines or software. The more amounts of coins are being mined, the more difficulty in finding a solution is present in solving the problem. When the difficulty comes, then the speed at which you can find a solution increases. The speed in finding solutions in the bitcoin will depend on how many miners are available over the whole area. So the difficulty in mining is also determined by the number of miners.


The Size of the blockchain In the previous years, the block size limit was one megabyte. But with the new technology, the size of the bitcoin has been increased from one to ten megabytes. This increase in the size of the blocks in the ledger has made it more difficult for miners to find solutions for their problems. Thus, this has reduced the speed of the transactions but increased the security of the transactions.


The Use of Wallets and Mining As we have learned, the main purpose of the bitcoin mining is not for the miners alone but also for the users. The wallet of the users needs to be able to store the complete history of the transactions that they have done and makes it possible for the users to access their own wallets whenever they want to. There are different types of wallets that you can choose from. Most of the wallets today include a feature of backing up their transactions in case of any mishap, like if the wallet gets hacked.

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