How many types of websites are there?


There are many types of websites on the Internet. Now I will inform us about all such matters

1. Search Engine Portals
Search engines are sites you may have visited to search for this article. This site is used by more than 1 billion people every day. Some names are EX – Google, Yahoo, Bing. Perhaps you must have logged in every day to search for one thing or the other.

how to make a website
Google is also a Search engine site. If anyone in the world is wanting any information, then you can definitely get information on these sites.

Google already knows about other websites so if you do any search on Google you will get a list of sites with correct results. Some people keep Google as the default search engine in their browser. It’s like having Google Search Engine in the Chrome browser.

Or you can go to Settings or Default Search. website can be established. Some search engines have multiple portals such as News, Email. Their names are Yahoo, etc.

2. Informative Websites
Information Site The sole purpose of such sites is to provide information to people. Maybe they can get some money for them or give it away for free too.

These sites provide you with information about any company or industry. These websites contain information on the following categories – TV Guides, Reference Material, Sports, Weather and Stock Data.

3. Personal Websites and Blogs
Building a website in the 21st Century is not Rocket Science. But for some people this is very important because they have no computer and internet knowledge. Creating a personal blog abroad has become a fashion.

Personal website and blog are growing very fast in today’s internet age. What kind of information will be on these blogs, it all depends on the bloggers. Like the website/blog you are on.

This blog has information about Internet, Technology, Computer, SEO, Blogging, Motivation. If you want to create your own website, you can create your own website from,

Free Template, Free Hosting are also available on these sites, you can find this information if you search the internet. If you still want to learn how to create a blog or website, read the article on my site.

4. Blogs and Online Diaries
You may also be writing a diary, if your answer is “yes” you don’t have to worry anymore. If your dairy is made online, you can call it a Blog. Where you can write the information you choose. and Windows Live Space (Microsoft) You need to register at any of these sites. On both of these sites you will find different types of tools with which you can design your blog.

You can already run Blog Software and WordPress by installing it on Mehjuda Sites. With their help, you can easily manage your blog. You can put your thoughts and words online in minutes. Another important thing is that you can make money.

Because you may not know that creating a blog is very easy to manage. If you find out, then it’s something special, you earn a lot from blogs these days.

There are so many things you can’t even imagine. Thanks to the efforts of these bloggers, so much information about the world is available online today.

5. Company Websites
Every company nowadays has a website with information about some pages. This is some information, such as Company Name, Services, Contact Us page, About Us Page, Home page.

The Internet is now a public marketplace where everyone researches anything. That’s why a small company makes its own site.

6. Forums
Everyone knows something about the Forum Site. It is an online forum where people ask questions and discuss any topic with it. It’s a way people talk among themselves and everyone finds solutions to their problems. These sites are also called Question and Answer Sites.

If you search the internet you will find many Forum Sites. where you need to register. You can ask it wherever you can think of. If you have knowledge about any subject, you can help people by answering those questions.

You can discuss many different topics on the forum site. Quora is a huge Online Forum Site. Where millions of people gather to answer people’s questions.

It is also recommended that you visit any Forum Site and share your knowledge with people. If you want, you can create a Forum Site yourself.

7. Online Stores and Auction Websites

It is mainly used for web, communication and information search. But maybe you know that there are many AC companies where people sell their wares online. If you want, you can also sell them online if you create a unique product.

The names of these online sites are,, and It is in the category of Shopping Site. In today’s world, the world is shopping online so fast that one day


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