How Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Child’s Health


How Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Child’s Health

About Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

There is much controversy these days about proper nutrition during pregnancy. Some nutritionists believe that it is alright to take in extra vitamins and minerals because there is no need for it. Others recommend more rigorous supplementation, especially folic acid. Folic acid is a well known vitamin supplement for pregnant women. However, many pregnant women do not need it and folic acid can actually harm their growing babies.


Doctors are very much against the notion of folic acid for pregnant women. Most of the time, it is recommended that women get their prenatal vitamins through their OB/GYN. If the woman becomes really concerned with having anemia during pregnancy, then she should check with her obstetrician first. An obstetrician only treats health conditions in pregnant women and not nutrition. The concern over folic acid is due to some studies that show that this substance can cause developmental problems in the babies born to women who had folic acid deficiency.


Another controversial topic when it comes to pregnant women’s diet is acrylamide found in many processed and fast foods. This is actually an organic compound that has been found to be present in trace amounts in breast milk and certain types of food. The compound is also used in industrial waste and in certain types of plastic containers to preserve foods longer. It is thought that excessive consumption of acrylamide may play a role in the formation of tumors in the abdomen of pregnant women. This is the main reason why the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has stated that there is a link between cancer and dietary intake of acrylamide.


Although the above mentioned controversy about nutrition during pregnancy is a little confusing, there is a real connection between nutrition and fetal growth. There is a real problem with an infant who receives insufficient nutrition. This can lead to stunted growth and development and reduced ability to absorb nutrients from the mother’s body. Some of the main diseases that affect pregnant women are Down syndrome and premature birth.


Folic Acid – this is actually an important nutrient among pregnant women. However, it is relatively uncommon to find supplements that contain folic acid. In fact, only trace amounts of folic acid have been found among commercial supplements. A lot of the time, pregnant women in Poland choose to take a supplement that contains it. This can actually be bought as a cream. However, regular and proper nutrition is still a better way to get the needed amount of folic acid.


Vitamin E & C – these two vitamins are actually great nutrients that you need during pregnancy. They are also very important for proper nutrition of the fetus. You will hear a lot of talk about them and their connection to some health conditions. This is actually a good thing because the connection between vitamin E and hypertension has already been established.


Acrylamide – this substance is also a well-known health problem among pregnant women. It is believed that this substance increases the risk of birth defects in babies. However, research is not yet completely finished on this substance. You might want to avoid acrylamide but there is still a debate whether or not dietary intake is still safe. You should speak to your doctor about your concerns about dietary intake during pregnancy.


As mentioned earlier, one of the best things that you can do to ensure proper nutrition during pregnancy is to maintain a healthy dietary intake of folic acid and vitamin E. You should also focus on getting enough amounts of these other important nutrients. While you are focusing on these nutrients, you should also focus on your dietary intake. Keep in mind that there are many myths that surround the connection of these substances. Thus, it is important that you educate yourself more about these two substances to help you prevent diseases like autism, brain damage, heart problems, and other serious conditions that affect unborn babies.


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