How to Clean Glasses?


How to clean glasses? Our topic today. Many of us wear glasses. Our eyes are deteriorated from reading books and working in front of the computer. One of the biggest problems of glasses wearers is cleaning and fogging. We have already mentioned what can be done to prevent the glasses from fogging. Our glasses are scratched from improper cleaning and not protecting them. When we take off the glasses, when we want to put them on the table or in a different place, let’s put them on the part we wear on our ears, not on the glass. We will protect the windows for a longer period of time. If there are scratches on the glass of your glasses, you can examine how to remove the scratches on the glasses and apply. If you know practical methods for cleaning glasses, you can share with us in the comments section. Let’s get some knitting. We can knit cases for the glasses we use. Especially for sunglasses. We should always wear our prescription glasses. We take it off for one night. You can review our recipes for making knitted glasses case. Let’s move on to our main topic, let’s learn how to clean prescription glasses.


How to Clean Glasses

Make-up, fingerprints, polluted weather conditions… Are the lenses of the glasses dirty? Sprays and wipes for cleaning glasses are sold in the market. Sometimes it can leave marks while cleaning. We can clean with easier methods. Fortunately, there is a cheaper way to clean our glasses. The trick is white vinegar again.

First, we wash our glasses under the tap.

Let’s take dishwashing liquid on our thumb and forefinger. Let’s rub the glasses lenses gently.

Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Then let’s get a small bottle, a spray bottle. Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water. For the final rinse, let’s spray the vinegar-water mixture on the glasses. Wipe with absorbent paper or a clean microfiber cloth. Now our glasses will stay flawless for 3 times longer. With this method, we will get better results than the cleaning products we buy. White vinegar provides shine and transparency compared to other products.


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