How to Get Rid of the Pain of Love – Discover Powerful Tips to Add Instant Love in Your Relationship


How to Get Rid of the Pain of Love – Discover Powerful Tips to Add Instant Love in Your Relationship

How to Get Rid of the Pain of Love

Do you want to know how to get rid of the pain of love? The word pain can conjure up images of pain and suffering, but the truth is that it has a much deeper meaning. Pain is a way of communicating with your lover what you feel missing or left out. It’s about imparting the message of love through words to convey the depth of your love for each other.


When your love for each other is strong, then the pain you experience in the moment usually eases. There is no need to work hard. You simply connect deeply with the essence of your mate, then you simply let go and be carried away by the miracle of divine love. But sometimes your connection is not this strong, or you have been hurt before, or maybe the pain you are feeling now is the result of an earlier hurt.


It’s a good idea to get the pain under control before it gets out of control. Think of it as a runaway bus that is coming to an abrupt stop: you hold onto the railing with your hands, but the doors are flying open. You drop to one knee and pray for its safe passage. But once it gets going, the doors are slamming shut again and you are left screaming, “What were you thinking, STUPID LUCKY?” But you hold onto the railing because you are afraid of falling!


The same is true for the pain of love: you might be held back by past hurts, by fear of pain or by being afraid of exposing your vulnerability. You hold onto the railing because you are afraid of falling back into the dark. But once you learn to let go and be vulnerable, then the whole relationship will become light and you will be able to share your heart freely and openly. Your fear will dissipate and you will find yourself being drawn into your partner’s arms.


How to have an open heart and how to keep it open requires self-knowledge. You need to learn to know and understand yourself. Your needs, your dreams, your ambitions, your likes and dislikes, and even your sexuality all come to the fore. Openness will enable you to let the truth about yourself out. Sharing that truth with your partner will help you both to deepen your relationship and, in turn, to deepen your own intimacy.


Openness and vulnerability also mean allowing yourself time to heal and to learn from past hurts. Time will allow you to get over the hurt and the fear. Then, with time, you will be able to heal and move on, taking heart in the fact that you have been able to keep your heart open and trusting. When you keep an open heart, you will be able to get the most out of your romantic relationship.


It is important for both partners to keep an open heart. If one partner feels vulnerable and opens up to their partner, it will strengthen the relationship. Both partners will gain a deeper sense of intimacy because they are not viewing each other as weak or bad people. More importantly, if one partner feels more vulnerable and opens up to their partner, both partners will gain an increased respect for each other’s vulnerability and will no longer be fearful of being vulnerable.


A healthy balance of love and trust is critical in a long lasting relationship. There will be times when you will want to lean on each other and cry. Crying is therapeutic and can help you to release pent up emotions. The best thing about crying is that it releases the negative energy that is plaguing you at that moment and allows you to embrace love instead. Once you learn how to get rid of the pain of love in your life, you will find yourself falling in love more often and longer.

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