How to Sew Rectangular Blouse and Shawl Skirt?



We continue with sewing patterns and examples. Next, we have a very stylish skirt and blouse sewing that we will sew practically. For summer, you can sew it with cotton fabrics and wear it with pleasure. We will share the steps of sewing a rectangular blouse and sewing a shawl skirt. You can also use them separately. You can also use it as a team. Either way it will look great. Patterned, floral fabrics, festoon fabrics are in fashion this summer. You can sew the most beautiful clothes with the fabrics that you think will be very stylish for the summer you love. For those who want to sew at home, those who want to sew their own clothes, and those who are new to sewing, you can watch the description of the flared skirt model, the rectangular blouse, and sew it for yourself or for sale. You can sew yourself very stylish suits by sewing skirts without molds and sewing shirts without molds. You can sew it for your special days by experimenting with different fabrics. You can sew for the holidays.

There are very good explanations and videos for sewing, you can follow them. Or the municipality has free courses, you can join them. I also attended the courses of the municipality for the sewing and pattern lesson. Our sewing teacher was very good and taught very well. We can sew an outfit that I see in a famous brand, a model that I like. Taking a sewing lesson is very good for sewing the clothes you like. That’s why I suggest you go to the molding class as well. Let’s watch how to sew a rectangular blouse and shawl skirt.

Rectangular Blouse and Shawl Skirt Making

We will learn how to sew 2 new beautiful models with 2 beautiful videos. We will see how to sew a flared skirt, how to turn a shawl into a skirt. Then we will sew a blouse on it. Both are very practical. It will be one of your favorite clothes in the summer. If you are going to adjust the skirt to the measurements in the video, the waist size is suitable for 70 – 80 cm. Skirt length is 77 cm. You can make it any length you want. For the blouse, we used the fabric left over from the skirt.


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