Hypnotherapy – A Smoking Cessation Product


Hypnotherapy – A Smoking Cessation Product

How to quit smoking is a question that many people ponder. If you have made up your mind to give up smoking, then congratulations. It’s one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do, but it’s a decision that you’ll be glad you made. The toll smoking takes on your body can be extensive. It can affect almost every area of your life, including your health.

how to quit smoking


A famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, wrote about the effects of nicotine on humans in the first stanza of the Divine Comedy:


“This day has appointed me to quit smoking. It’s a great day, to be paid for my services, though not altogether for my work. There’s one thing, however, which I must do before going to bed: to gaze at the flowery fields that surround the city and take in the sight of the sun rising; to hear the voice of nature, to feel the breeze that touches my arms; to see the stars in the sky and listen to her lullabies while I am smoking.” So you see, it wasn’t just about the physical aspect of quitting. Quitting is about more than just getting used to not being surrounded by cigarette smoking all the time.


One of the things that Alighieri tried to get through to Dante was to help him to change his belief system so he would be less susceptible to the temptations of nicotine. Alighieri is quoted as saying: “I gave him a piece of paper, covered with seals, containing a short letter, which I had written to him while he was smoking and a short piece of advice on the virtues of abstinence, exhortation, and prayer.” Bricker’s book offers a similar example. He quotes one of the letters of St. Augustine, who is often attributed with the quote, “Quit smoking! God will not give you the light!”


While there is no arguing that some people do benefit from nicotine, there are many others who have horrible reactions to it. According to Bricker: “There are only two good reasons for smoking, and those are the enjoyment of the flavor of tobacco and the preservation of your health. The other two reasons are merely side effects of using these products, and should not be a reason to use them. These facts are quite different from the facts I have just outlined to you about the positive benefits of quitting, and that is why e-cigs are so useful.”


In the first paragraph of his article, Bricker seems to indicate that the solution to stop smoking may lie in a chemical called nicotine; a substance that most people find very difficult to give up, even when they are aware that it is killing them slowly. The fact that nicotine is addictive, and the consequences of failing to give up cigarettes when you realize what they are doing to you, are the main reasons to search for a way to quit. His language here is very strong, implying that you should really stop smoking, and give up the cigarettes. There is no question that this can be a very difficult task. But in order to succeed, you need to be able to take on the challenge of quitting cold turkey, without any help from any products to help you.


To this end, the solution to quit smoking becomes apparent to Bricker: “The best method for getting rid of cigarette smoking is through hypnotherapy.” He goes on to explain that hypnotism has long been used as a treatment to help people change their behavior, including stopping cigarette smoking. This method is not new, and has been used to help patients stop smoking for decades. However, galiatsatos and other products have appeared on the market in recent years, promising to help smokers break this habit permanently.


But while he was willing to try hypnotherapy, he stressed that it was not a substitute for a real, stop smoking method. In fact, hypnotherapy should be seen as a complement to the other methods he recommends: diet, exercise, and quitting cold turkey. Galiatsatos said that it is also important for smokers to attend seminars about quitting, in order to learn about galiatsatos and other similar techniques. These seminars, he said, should never replace stop smoking methods; instead, they should be used in conjunction with them. With these techniques, you will be able to quit smoking for good.


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