Is There Still a Future For Model 3 reusable Solar Panels?


Is There Still a Future For Model 3 reusable Solar Panels?

Elon musk

The man behind Tesla is a bit of a rags to riches story. Elon Musk thinks, acts and believes on a higher, more spiritual scale than most entrepreneurs re used to. That’s part of what makes him so successful as an innovator and a business person. Here’s a look at how he’s revolutionized the auto industry, and why he’ll be the next CEO of a very big car company…


– Model 3 sedan will ride on the new autonomous vehicle series. The full development of this system by Google and Volvo will make it so that your car will drive itself on city streets, and then be able to take the rest of the journey on its own. Musk says he wants to see this technology used not just by consumers, but also by government agencies and taxi services.


– Another one of Musk’s pet projects is “the Hypercar,” which could help electric vehicles make a comeback. (They were very popular in California a few years ago, but they never really took off in other states.) This high-tech vehicle uses no gas, no battery maintenance and no emissions. It could help electric vehicle sales tremendously, and allow drivers to feel like they’re driving a car.


– Solar energy is important to both businesses and homeowners. Several big solar companies are developing “solar farms” across the US, and some of those farms are supposed to have enough capacity to generate more electricity than their owners use in a year. Musk has said he wants to see that capacity grown to 100 megawatts by 2040. If he gets his way, that would be huge.


– Speaking of solar energy, is there something else that he’s focusing on? It’s called “space tourism.” That means using technologies to bring people and cargo to space, where they can enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and stillness. He’s said he’s planning a model 3 Hypermoon rocket, and there should be multiple private space stations built by then. That could help boost earnings for both companies.


– Other areas of potential interest include autonomous cars and trucks. He’s said he wants to build the best retrofitting and wiring for existing vehicles to make them autonomous. He also wants to make sure manufacturing of solar panels goes well, and he wants to continue to improve the efficiency of solar energy production. He hasn’t said much about what he’s doing to date, but it looks as if he’s working on the same stuff he’s been working on for years. That could help him make an earnings boost for both companies.


– The other thing Musk has said is that he’s planning to start buying up other space businesses, like companies that produce launch vehicles and infrastructure. He’s also said he might collaborate with some of those companies, or even buy them outright. He’s said nothing about whether he’ll have a Model 3 ready by then for his colony, although he did say he hopes to have a ticket to that future aboard one of his robotic spaceships. (That would be exciting… wouldn’t it?)


That brings us to one important point. Right now, at least, the prospects for Model 3 development seem pretty slim. And that’s not just his personal view. According to someone familiar with the company, “He’s pushing aggressively for that development, but he realizes it’s a tough business to crack.” What’s his alternative if he doesn’t get a firm hold on manufacturing the electric vehicles and other components that will make his colony a success? Well, he could wait a few more years, he could join forces with some of these other companies making solar panels, and he could buy some manufacturing assets for his own firm.


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