Learning English by Playing Games


Learning English by Playing Games

There are so many ways for you to build up English language proficiency such as reading books, listening to foreign language audio CDs, conversing with native English speakers, or playing games in English. However there still some research about learning English through playing online games. This research seeks to analyze the expansion of the English language video game players on a worldwide basis and compare the English language proficiency of the game players with the conventional methods of learning English. The analysis of this study tries to establish the factors which facilitate the successful learning of English by means of online game play.

Learning English by Playing Games


In order to understand this study, it is important for us to understand what makes people want to learn English online? The most common answer to that question is the fun and entertainment that they get from learning English. But, research shows that it is not only the enjoyment that people get from learning the English language but also the effective use of learning English which is the main reason why they learn. Learning must start from the basics and must be done in a systematic manner. Thus, fun and entertainment should not be the only reasons for learning the English language.


According to some studies conducted by the Learning English Language Institute (LEI), the number of adults who can speak and write in the English language has been on the decline over the years. One of the reasons is the absence of a good and effective method of teaching the English language to them. Some of these adult learners come to think that the English language is not an easy language to learn and that they will not be able to master it. This leads to the lack of motivation and hence, the growth of the informal vocabulary or jargon in the English language.


Learning English by playing English games can be the best method to make the learners come to understand the English words easily. The learners can gain a lot of practical experience and at the same time build up their vocabulary and their English grammar skills as well. So, they learn English better while having fun. There are a wide range of fun easel that is available today. You can play games like spelling bee, bingo, scrabble or pass the word, Chinese checker and memory.


Most of the fun easels have flashcards and are designed with pictures and words printed on the cards. The words printed on the flashcards represent the actual words in English. Flashcards used for learning vocabulary in a game format make the learning faster. Many online stores sell flashcards and other learning materials designed for kids and adults to learn english. You can order flashcards of your choice and they will be delivered right at your doorstep.


Other fun easel includes puzzles, riddles, pictorial story telling games and word games like hangman. These also help in learning the English language. Another way to learn english by playing games is to buy and read books written in the English language. If you are not much interested in reading books, then you can buy software developed specially for children to learn the language and their friends.


Some of these software are based on popular television shows such as Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street. These show encourage kids to interact with others and to take part in adventures. For this reason, most of the software is designed with this purpose in mind. The University of Reading in the UK offers playing games that would make the players think quickly on their feet. University of Florida and Arizona State University suggest students to purchase flash cards with important information on them.


Most of these flash cards have information about the English alphabet, nouns and numbers. This would prompt the player to search the card for the meaning. An example is “A B C”. A gamer must then find the answer by guessing the right gender of an object or the word following it. An English language quiz is a popular choice for gamers at the University of Reading and Arizona State University. Reading a book written in the English language, a movie or playing video games are all good options for language learning.

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