Making People Laugh – Tips For Increasing Humor in Everyday Life


Making People Laugh – Tips For Increasing Humor in Everyday Life

The fear of making people laugh can easily turn into a paralyzing fear. It’s an unnatural occurrence for some. Many comedy performers find humor as part of the act, but some do not. They may even resort to stage fright or just not knowing how.

Making People Laugh


Comedy writers and performers are afraid of NOT getting enough laughs. They believe the first laugh is what makes the magic happen, but really, all they are afraid of is when the laughing actually happens. They believe they need to make other people laugh first, but the very first time it begins to happen they quickly do whatever they can to prevent it from happening again. At times wonder whether comedians are subconsciously doing all they can just not to be funny.


Most stand-up comedians have a stage fright problem. They don’t know how to stage their jokes. Many times they use their stage fright to their advantage and begin with a joke they are very familiar with. This allows them to get over their stage fright and still tell a good joke. However, many times this isn’t enough and they need more than a familiarity with their favorite stand-up comedy routine to be successful.


A great technique for overcoming stage fright and making people laugh is to practice your jokes before you ever go on-stage. Practice your routine so that you are comfortable with telling it and with how the audience will respond. You want them to laugh but you also want them to understand that you are trying to make them laugh. Sometimes just seeing the reaction of the audience when you are making them laugh is enough. This can help you overcome your fear of making people laugh.


One great way for making people laugh is to take small jokes from everyday life and incorporate them into your routines. It is often the case that we tell some jokes from our daily life but never put them in a performance where they will have to live up to the standard you have set for yourself. It’s much better to get across your jokes in a manner in which people can see the humor in them. For instance, if you are making someone laugh by telling a joke about washing your face several times a day, try to incorporate a few other jokes in between. This will show the audience that you understand how hard it can be to wash their face.


The final step in becoming a good stand-up comedian is getting the audience to laugh. There are a number of ways you can encourage them to laugh and the most popular of these techniques is to do impressions of people you know. This means that you will take a bit of their personality and use it in your jokes to get the audience to laugh. If you are unsure about whether or not a particular person fits this description, you should ask them to try and see if they fit in with the character that you have imagined.


The final step to becoming a successful stand-up comedian is to be able to tell a joke well. Even if you are confident in your ability to make people laugh you may find that you still cannot get it right the first time that you try. This is where practice comes in. You can practice in front of a mirror or you can make copies of one of your best jokes to give away to friends and family as gifts. Once you learn how to make humor work on the stage, the only thing that will stop you from trying to get your jokes into a live comedy club is the fact that you will not have the audience with you!


The secret to selling humor effectively lies in your ability to connect with your audience on a personal level. The more comfortable you are with using humor, the easier it will be to bring humor into everyday life. If you want your audience to smile, laugh and take pleasure in your jokes you must first understand their mentality and their body language. Once you have mastered this skill you can go out there and really make others laugh.


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