Nail Care 101 – Using Your Nail Care Products With Responsibility


Nail Care 101 – Using Your Nail Care Products With Responsibility

Nail care, generally, the care of the toenails and fingernails, is important both for aesthetic and medical reasons. Good nail care will prevent painful ingrown nails, nail discoloration and fungal infections of the nail. Nail care also includes the prevention of accidental injuries to the nails. In addition, it is important to take good care of one’s hands and feet because of growing conditions such as diabetes, skin diseases and other conditions that affect the circulation of blood and nutrients to the different parts of the body. Poor nail care leads to these problems.

Nail Care


Nail care usually involves the use of conditioners and moisturizers applied to the nails. It is very important to regularly trim and file one’s nails to keep them healthy and long. Good nail conditioning will help keep a person’s nails strong and healthy for a longer time. Filing and trimming of one’s nails should be done regularly to maintain the integrity of healthy nails. People who do nail care activities or who have manicures should also follow a regular nail care regimen.


In order to maintain the health and strength of manicures, soaking the nails in warm water and then filing them should be done twice a week. One should apply a natural oil that will protect and moisturize the nails. This natural oil should be applied before filing and buffing manicures. During a manicure, the hands should be washed thoroughly and soap used ought to be mild. People who use acrylics should also make sure they wash their hands thoroughly after a manicure to prevent infections.


A manicure does not only include applying polish and moisturizing the nails but it also entails a process called “cutting” wherein the cuticles are removed in order to expose the natural nail beneath. The process is done by using a special remover, which is usually alcohol-based. Most people do not recognize the importance of alcohol in taking care of their hands especially when a cuticle is easily irritated. It is best to find a good remover to cut the nail without causing any pain to the customer.


Another process of manicure involves “cutting” the nails at a particular angle so that more exposure will be given to the natural nail underneath. This will increase the chance for infection if proper attention is not given to the nails. Most people who cut their nails are not trained professionals. A simple solution is to visit a nail salon where a nail technician knows how to handle this type of complicated situation. There are several types of cuticles and some are more susceptible to specific types of fungus.


People with flat or thick fingernails are prone to having brittle nails or finger nails. Finger nails, as the name suggests, are often flat and very short. It is not possible to apply anything to the finger nails other than a nail polish to keep them healthy. Some of us have flat fingernails that can be easily shaped. You may opt to have your nails filed to increase their length, or opt to get them shapely by clipping.


Nail polish contains biotin. Biotin is a component needed for the production of strong nails. Biotin is also found in brewer’s yeast and has also been used to promote nail growth. There are several types of biotin nail polish available.


A nail brush serves as a tool to help remove cuticle pusher, and help push back debris from the nail bed. A nail brush needs to be used properly. If you apply too much pressure with your nail brush, it will be more likely to push back debris. A nail brush can be bought at drugstores and major grocery stores.

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