No Reservations – Squid Game


No Reservations – Squid Game

” SQUID Game” is in-fact a clever mash-up of both ” Hunger Games” and ” Kill Bill.” What if we took the premise of the game and applied it to our real life? What if we took the premise of the game and made it into a murder mystery for grownups? Take that concept, and apply it to our real world and you have the basis for a fun new game…

Set in the south Korean peninsula, Squid Game revolves around an intricate murder mystery. Players assume the role of an amateur sleuth who becomes the suspect in a series of brutal murders. In order to catch the culprit, players must piece together a series of clues, solve a number of riddles and even think outside of the box in order to come up with a solution to the problem. The first episode even offers up an escape route, a clue leading players down an alternate path that directly leads them to the killer. With an intricate plot and tons of laughs, No Reservations: Squid Game is one game you don’t want to miss!

There are two different versions of Squid Game being played across the world. Each version has a different story that follows a different story line from the other. Although both are based in south korea, the difference between the game’s story-lines could be because of language barriers. That could explain why it’s enjoying such a diverse audience in north korea but not in the south korean audiences.

The game is not only available on computers but also on cell phones, which is where it started its North American journey. It has seen an array of critical acclaim, coming in at number six in the popular iPhone App Store and at number seven on the Google Play Store. It’s free to download, which is fantastic because it means anyone, anywhere can get their hands on it. You only need to connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data plan to enjoy the game. Although people in Japan, China and Taiwan were probably excited when they learned it was available for free, those in the United States were probably a little let down when they initially saw it come to America – but that was before iPhone and Android apps came along.

In the beginning, No Reservations: Squid Game is very simple. You just have to hide and evade all the hungry squid in order to survive the depths of the ocean. As you progress through the levels you’ll encounter more obstacles to overcome. You’ll need to find out where the underwater vents are as well as finding the secret passages that will lead you to your next stage.

No Reservations: Squid Game starts out with what appears to be some kind of a Korean gong yoo drama. You play as Bong Yoo, a young man from Seoul who has left his home country due to his military service. On his way he managed to dock with a US warship and get passage across the Pacific to reach Hawaii. Naturally, things do not go exactly as planned and Bong gets separated from his friends and they are forced to survive while exploring new areas of the sea.

It’s here that No Reservations: Squid Game begins to lose its way and take you somewhere very strange indeed. You’ll learn about some local myths and beliefs, including one known as the ‘knowledge of gods’. In particular, you’ll learn about the sun’s energy and how this can affect human lives. Through the course of the game you learn more about the Squid tribe – who are believed to be some sort of extinct race which has now taken up human form – as well as about the different cultures and fables that pervade the South Korean landscape.

No Reservations: Squid Game by its very first scenes, has you hooked on its tale of survival and the beautiful sun and sea. With excellent voice-overs,jonggani action and an interesting plot, it is little surprise that No Reservations: Squid Game has become one of the most popular games among those that have been enjoying download services from Korea. Not bad considering that, aside from its creator, there are two other well-known movie stars of Korean descent who have created quite the buzz on the platform.


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