Obesity in Children


Obesity in Children

Obesity and overweight are well known terms nowadays. It is a big problem that needs to be solved. Obesity and overweight are well defined as excessive or abnormal weight accumulation which poses a serious threat to health. Rates of obesity and overweight continue to increase in children and adults alike. There are also a lot of other diseases that are closely related to obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and some cancers.



There are many causes for obesity. One of the most common reasons for obesity is hormonal imbalance, especially during childbearing years. Overweight and obese people are more likely to become pregnant, which is why so many pregnant women suffer from obesity and overweight. This problem is very common for women, but also present in men.


Obesity and overweight also occurs due to certain medical conditions. Hypertension is a medical condition that can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, and various other complications. There are many types of high blood pressure, ranging from normal to elevated. Obesity and overweight can also be caused by certain types of cancer. It is now believed that obesity and overweight is partially caused by some forms of cancer, which is why many cancer survivors are becoming obese and overweight.


Another medical condition that may lead to obesity and overweight is HIV/AIDS. People who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are commonly known as ‘infected’. They can develop complications from being obese and overweight. Their immune system is also very weak, which can lead to obesity and over-weighting.


Obesity and overweight also occur because of poor dietary choices and sedentary lifestyles. People in developed countries live very busy lives. These people have no time to take care of their health. Not only that, but they also eat extremely unhealthy food. Children in these countries also do not get enough physical activity.


It may seem hard to believe, but many people also grow up on drugs. Illegal drug use can often lead to obesity and overweight. Illegal drug use can also lead to serious diseases like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS.


Obesity and over-weighting can have many effects on an individual. People who are obese can experience health problems like high blood pressure, heart problems, and other kinds of diseases. Some can lead to depression and suicidal tendencies. Some can even develop physical disabilities due to the extra weight. It is imperative that such people be treated for their obesity.


Prevention is better than cure. This saying really should be remembered by people who are suffering from obesity and over-weight. Getting rid of obesity now can prevent serious health problems later on. Staying fit and healthy can help people lead more happy lives.


One of the best ways to prevent obesity is to remain active. If a person is inactive, he or she will surely become overweight. Sitting around all day can also contribute to obesity. Too much television can also cause obesity. Inactivity can lead to sedentary behavior, which can also be a cause for obesity.


A big lifestyle change is needed to combat obesity. Too many people live sedentary lifestyles, which can easily lead to obesity. A change in lifestyle is the first step toward getting rid of obesity.


Encourage your children to go outside and play. Children need to burn excess calories so they can grow and be strong. If they don’t play, they will gain more weight and become obese. So encourage them to go outdoors and play.


Remember that children are active at such young ages, which means they will have tons of energy. They should be given lots of freedom and space to play. These are all essential components for healthy childhood development.


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