Panda Dome Antivirus Review – Is It Worth Its Money In 2022?


Panda Review: Quick Expert Summary

Panda has a wide range of security features , file encryption settings, VPN, anti-phishing, family controls and password manager etc. The list goes on almost forever! In addition, it has some features that I have not seen in many other antiviruses, for example the “Virtual Keyboard” feature prevents scammers from seeing your keyboard strokes.

He was skeptical as to whether Panda’s product was “eyewash” software—that is, could it not have offered such a variety of features, dazzling people and focusing on the performance and usefulness of the features?

Some extra features disappointed me, I have a lot to say about them, but I want to focus mainly on the main purpose of antivirus — protecting my device against viruses and malware. The findings in my tests surprised me.

I’ve tested over 30 antivirus programs, both for PC and Mac, and I can tell you that Panda works perfectly in many areas. But it should be added that there are many areas that need improvement. Here’s what I found after testing the antivirus and all its extra features.

Panda Security Features

Panda claims that its security software detects threats 100%.
Although it did well in my tests, some test results were not what I expected.
My girlfriend and I enjoyed Panda’s home screen (image above).
It’s clean and pretty well designed — a pretty easy process designed for those who aren’t good with technology.
A wide variety of security features are available,
file encryption ,
recovery tool, and
device optimization tools are just a few of them,
but could Panda be trapping by offering too many features that don’t actually work well?

Antivirus Scanner

I was very happy with the detection rates of the antivirus scanner.
On my first scan it
detected 95% of the ‘.exe’ malware files on the PC.
There are 3 different scanning options:
critical areas. It scans PC memory, current processes, and other areas where viruses usually hide.
Full scan. It scans the whole PC.
Private browsing. Scanning specified files and folders.
Panda claims to use Big Data and a machine learning algorithm to proactively detect threats before they attack.
When I tested the real-time protection feature, it didn’t scan different folders even though I left the malware files running 20 minutes ago.
But when I started running it, it blocked all but one of the malware.
It also
blocked 100% of the ransomware files I ran.
The PC scanner is inconsistent in speed — when I ran a full scan it took over 3 hours, of which only 60% was complete – it took over 5 hours to finish completely.
The second full scan took just over 60 minutes.
When I looked through the scan processes, I saw even weirder things — when the scanner showed %4 complete it went back to %2.
Maybe this is an issue that Panda needs to work on.
Even for more advanced virus scans, Panda cloud-based scanner offers “Panda Cloud Cleaner”, which you can access from the Recovery Tool section.
This tool is
a separate antivirus scanning engine that uses cloud-based technology to catch more advanced threats that ordinary antiviruses might miss
Its cloud-based scanning is extremely fast — much faster than regular antivirus scanning.
It detected 4 suspicious files that it thought might be malware.
I tried searching for the filenames and then realized that they shouldn’t be on my PC and immediately eliminated them.
I was extremely pleased with the speed and performance of the Panda Cloud Cleaner tool, but
I wondered why Panda didn’t include
cloud-based scanning as part of regular antivirus scanning, for example 
Avira works that way. Other antiviruses,
Avira and
Bitdefender , have integrated cloud-based scanning tools into their scan engines — so you don’t have to waste time running two different scans.
I tried Panda’s macOS antivirus scanner on my Macbook and had an extremely bad experience — almost 6 hours later the full scan wasn’t even half done.
Panda is not a good choice for Mac users. If you’re looking for Mac antivirus,
skip Panda and check out the best antiviruses for Mac devices .

File Encryption & File Cleaning

The file encryption tool is really user friendly. It uses the Panda Password Depot tool — a password manager that also offers a file encryption tool.
After installation, I right-clicked the file I wanted to encrypt
and chose
Password Depot 12 > Encrypt and set a password to protect the files.
There are also the following options:
Delete the original files after encryption.
Self-extracting archive creation option so that non-Password Depot owners can also open files.
Store specific file passwords in Password Depot password manager.
On the other hand,
using the File Cleaner feature, I was able to completely delete the files I wanted from my PC — so with advanced scams, scammers would never be able to access these files anymore.
This is how I completely eliminated several Word documents where I saved my account passwords.
Deleting them is as easy as encryption — I right-clicked on the Word file and selected
Password Depot 12 > Delete , then
Delete in the pop-up window 

Recovery Tool

On the gaming PC, my little brother accidentally downloaded some malicious files and ran this malware — such as spyware, trojans, and worms. Yes, all this was floating around on his computer. In other words, he could barely turn on his computer, let alone playing games or surfing the internet.

Then you used the Recovery Tool to create a “recovery USB drive” — that way I was able to plug it into my little brother’s infected PC and run it on the PC and remove all viruses and malware.

It was extremely easy to install and only took a few minutes to install the Recovery Tool on my USB drive. It took about 20 minutes for this Recovery Tool to clean my brother’s PC. Detects and removes all malware — unbelievable convenience!

It’s great that such an effective feature is so easy to use — great job, Panda!

Many other antivirus programs, like Norton and Avira, do not have this kind of feature so this feature might convince me to buy this product.

PC Cleaning

I’ve tested many different device cleaning tools, I don’t think the Panda tools are the best, but they are still pretty useful.
There are 4 options:
Freeing up space on the PC hard drive.
Editing programs that will open during computer startup using the Startup Manager.
To organize (organize) an untidy (complex) hard disk.
Schedule a normal system cleanup.
The hard drive cleanup completed pretty quickly, detecting 1.2GB of junk files in less than 60 seconds.
Launch Manager is extremely easy to use. I don’t use Microsoft OneDrive so I decided that it doesn’t need to be opened during startup.
I used it once on my girlfriend’s laptop — there are 18 programs that start up on startup, most of which she hardly ever uses!
So we sat together and disabled the unnecessary ones, and the
laptop boot time (was about 6 minutes) was reduced to 60 seconds — which is excellent news for him.
The Organizer tool is used to organize hard drives and improve their speed, thus improving the overall performance of the PC.
It “organized” my 128GB SSD hard drive in about 20 seconds but had no noticeable effect on my PC performance — it was pretty fast at first too.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN tools are very useful as they secure your internet connection — they hide your original IP address from websites or scammers, preventing you from being tracked.
In addition, they offer the opportunity to access geo-restricted content, so you can see broadcasts from all countries of the world at any time.
Panda VPN tool
developed by Hotspot Shield — a highly respected VPN service provider.
While the user interface is plain, its functionality is a bit frustrating — I
had to manually leave the server I was using before choosing a new server location. The VPN feature offered by other antivirus products, such as Norton’s Secure VPN, allows you to complete your connection to the new server location you want to transfer to, by simply clicking on that server.
It also lacks key features like killswitch – this feature helps protect your privacy if you drop out of VPN server location.
There is variation in my test results. In my initial test, the average speed was under 4 Mbps and there was no high ping time (which is the time a server responds to a connection request) that could improve performance.
The result of my second test showed the fastest VPN speed to be around 13 Mbps download speed:
That’s understandable, but
it doesn’t even come close to the speed of stand-alone VPN products like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.
I also tested this VPN product for DNS leaks and according to my test results multiple servers could see my original IP address, DNS leak tests indicate that Hotspot Shield’s website states
that data received through Hotspot Sheild’s VPN server is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. They may overlook the fact that IP addresses are untraceable — in other words.
I took a look at Panda’s VPN privacy policy and
saw that they do not log any logs, such as IP addresses or browser histories — for both free and premium VPN.
Overall, Panda’s VPN handles but isn’t perfect.
I think the very important thing is that it doesn’t have features like killswitch – instant shutdown.
Some other
antiviruses offer a VPN tool , and they did better in my tests in terms of speed, security, and overall usability.
Extra Features
Dome offers a wide variety of extra features, to name a few:
Family checks. Basic website blocking options.
Track your kids’ location on their Android or iOS devices.
Data storage. Blocks apps from accessing certain files — used for ransomware protection.
Password manager. Basic password manager.
It does not save information automatically and you have to save information manually, which can be quite time consuming.
Virtual keyboard. An on-screen pop-up keyboard can protect you from potential keyloggers.
Web protection. Detects and blocks pirated sites and malicious links.
Anti-theft tools. It checks the location of Windows, Android and iOS devices.
Android users will also get lock and unlock features.
some of these extra features (including VPN) did not work as well as I would like. Many of them are not useful and have outdated interfaces.
On the other hand,
I like the idea of ​​a virtual keyboard versus potential keyloggers, but the keys should have been made larger — they are too small as such
, making them difficult to use. The password manager, on the other hand, is quite simple and I like the file encryption tools included, but I had to manually enter all my passwords and information, and it’s a serious waste of time.
Also, Panda seriously needs to work on its anti-piracy feature.
It was able to detect less than 50% of pirated sites and malicious links in my tests — even the obvious known ones like fake PayPal and Amazon were able to evade the Safe Browser feature.
But Panda’s anti-theft tool is pretty cool.
It’s also compatible with smartwatch products for Android, so I can see my girlfriend’s Galaxy S10 on her Wear OS watch and remotely lock the watch when needed.
Additionally, there is an anti-theft motion sensor and burglar
snapping features — just like the
McAfee CaptureCam .
iOS and PC anti-theft features —
including location tracking — were pretty accurate when I tested them on my iPhone.
Overall, I like Panda’s protection against viruses and malware.
The file cleaning and file encryption features, which are super easy to use, are also great.
The Recovery Tool, on the other hand
, is by far the best practice in the
entire Panda
Dome suite — it did quite well in removing dozens of trojans and other malware installed on my brother’s PC.
But some extra features are just there to exist and need improvement in terms of usability.

Panda Security Plans And Fees

Panda is a bit expensive compared to other brands. While many of their base packages are affordable, they lack some of the features I think should be, such as anti-ransomware and live customer support — many other brands provide this feature for free, such as Norton and McAfee .

You can protect on 1, 3, 5, 10 or unlimited devices. Panda offers serious discounts in the first year of protection. In addition, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try Panda packages risk-free for 30 days.

Panda Free Antivirus

Panda’s free antivirus is one of the best free PC antiviruses I’ve ever tested.

They offer:

  • Antivirus scanning & real-time protection. It uses the same antivirus engine as Panda premium. Its real-time protection is only available for Windows devices.
  • USB malware protection. It prevents malicious software from running on USB devices.
  • game mode. It does not adversely affect PC performance while playing games or watching movies.
  • Recovery Tool. Same recovery tools available with Panda premium version — Download Panda software to a USB drive and install it on the infected device.

It’s pretty rare to have real-time scanning as a free feature — a feature usually only seen with premium version antivirus software. In addition, the free version scan engine performed as well as the premium version scan engine in my tests.

I was happy to see that Panda’s Recovery Tool is also available in the free version. It works as effectively as the premium version and has no limitations.

Panda provides VPN with 150MB daily data cap on free version.

Apart from these, many other features are missing, for example, file encryption, USB and external device scanning, ransomware protection, data cleaning, and family checks.

Various Basic Premium Plans — Panda Dome Essential

Panda’s Dome Essential package is just a few additional features added to the free antivirus I mentioned above.

In addition to antivirus scanner, real-time protection and Recovery Tool:

  • Real-time antivirus protection. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Android devices.
  • USB and external device scanner. Scans connected devices when plugged into PC.
  • Wi-Fi network protection. It prevents Wi-Fi connections from being hijacked by cybercriminals.

Dome Essential also has Panda VPN free version with 150MB daily data restriction.

Compared to the basic packages from other brands, Dome Essential costs quite a bit for a device. But its rivals’ base packages, such as Norton and McAfee , have much more features at a similar price point.

Best Value Plan — Panda Dome Advanced

Panda Dome Advanced package includes all Dome Essential features, plus:

  • Protection against ransomware and advanced threats.
  • Protection against identity theft.
  • Family checks.

This package of extra features, such as protection against ransom software, Norton 360 Standard package from expensive – even dark web protection, password manager and also allows VPN with unlimited scan data.

On the other hand, Norton 360 Standard package does not offer family controls, if you plan to use it with your family, Panda Dome Advanced may be a good choice for you.

May Not Be Great Value For Your Money — Panda Dome Complete

This package contains all the products in the Dome Advanced package, plus:

  • Data cleaning.
  • PC optimization tools.
  • Password manager.
  • File encryption.
  • File deletion.

Even though this package offers extra features, I don’t think the password manager requires extra payment.

And 1-device protection is still more expensive than Norton’s 360 Deluxe package — providing full protection for up to 5 devices and unlimited VPN data.

The Ultimate Plan — Panda Dome Premium

I tested this package on the PC you use while working from home. In addition to the features I mentioned above, Panda Dome Premium offers:

  • VPN. With unlimited browser data.
  • 24/7 premium customer support. With live chat and phone support.

One year of protection for a device using this plan is much more expensive than other competitors.

It provides unlimited VPN data but as I mentioned in this review VPN is not one of the best. While 24/7 customer support is generally convenient, my experience has not been great and in my opinion 24/7 support should be automatically available on all plans, as with Norton .

On the other hand, if I were choosing a Panda package for full protection, I would choose Panda Dome Premium .

Panda Security Ease Of Use And Installation

Panda is one of the easiest antiviruses to use. All the extra features can be used easily even by people with little technical experience.

Panda installation does not take a long time. It took about 10 minutes from start to finish.

I like the home screen setup. It’s well-designed and has large buttons for every feature — making things easy, especially for beginners. When I asked my girlfriend, who is not very tech-savvy, to try it, she said it was easy to use. He also liked the background images.

More importantly , he said it was very easy to initiate a full system scan, and he was also able to easily apply real-time protection and device optimization tools.

One thing I and my little brother love about Panda is the game mode. When I start playing a game or watching a movie, when I go full screen, the game mode is automatically activated. My brother is a real gamer and I wanted him to play with Panda free version active, he said his gaming PC never slowed down while playing Fornite or Counter Strike.

The Recovery Tool is simple to install and use — I plugged in my USB drive, followed the instructions, and within 60 seconds the whole process was done. When I plugged the Recovery Tool USB version into his computer and cleaned the malware, he told me “Recovery Tool saved my life”.

As I said before, I was not happy with the functionality of some of its features, such as VPN, password manager, web protector. If Panda can improve VPN functionality, speed, and security, and make the web protector warn against all malicious links, I’d choose Panda as my favorite antivirus I’ve ever used — plus the scan engine and Recovery Tool are very good.

Panda Security Mobile App

My sister and I split the Pann app testing into two — I tested the iOS version and she tested the Android version on the Galaxy S10.

The Panda iOS app is pretty basic and unlike anything I’ve tested so far . Properties:

  • VPN.
  • Device tracking tools.

There are options to contact customer service and view your account, but these options direct you to the Panda website. Device location tracking is pretty accurate and the app design is manageable, but I’d like to see a little more style. I prefer to use McAfee or Avira iOS app.

But my girlfriend really liked the Panda Android app. The real-time scanner noticed it the moment it intentionally downloaded malware onto your device.

Android app also includes:

  • Anti-theft tools. Remotely positions, locks and unlocks a device. You can also turn on an alarm to find the device or take an anti-theft photo.
  • Device optimization tools. It improves device performance by deleting unnecessary processes.
  • Privacy controls. Controls app permissions, such as access to gallery, contacts and location data.

The app is also compatible with Wear OS smartwatches, this feature is available in a few antiviruses like the Bitdefender mobile app . You can send an alarm to ring remotely via Android, in which case your watch will ring when it passes a certain distance from your device. It can also take photos on Android using your smartwatch — a feature not even in the Bitdefender app.

Overall, Panda apps are good. The Android app is pretty good, although I don’t prefer to use the Panda iOS app Compared to other Android antivirus apps she has tested, my girlfriend also said she would prefer this product.

Panda Security Customer Support

My experience with customer support was not perfect. They only provided live chat and phone support for Panda Dome Premium users — an inconvenience for customers paying for other packages. Other users can get in touch by filling out a cumbersome support form, which is on the Panda website.

Plus, premium customer support is 24/7 — so you can get answers no matter the time of day.

When I tested both email and live chat support, the responses I got were generally poor. It took a long time for them to reply. I understand email responses can take a while, but with live chat support , it took them over 1.5 hours to respond to my messages .

In many ways, the reps were either aware of what they were talking about or didn’t feel the need to properly answer my questions — rather, they posted links to the FAQ page that didn’t quite answer my questions.

Only one rep was very helpful and fully answered my question regarding the game mode. Others were unable to help and gave false information about Panda features rather than giving clear answers to my questions (which were basic questions) — I even
had to correct them!
My overall
customer support experience disappointed me, especially after purchasing the most expensive package to be able to use live support.
It’s also a pity that Panda doesn’t offer customer support to all its paying customers — many other antiviruses,
Norton , provide live chat and phone support to all their users.
Is Panda Security Worth Your Money in 2021?
Panda’s best features:
Antivirus protection and ransomware removal.
Recovery Tools.
File encryption and file removal.
Family checks.
Panda’s antivirus scan engine worked almost perfectly in my tests,
detecting and removing 100% of
ransomware and 95% of malware present on my device
I really liked the device optimization tools — fast and easy to use.
The home screen is very nice and easy to use. In addition, my girlfriend, who is not very tech-savvy, said she could easily access all the features when she tested it.
By far my favorite feature (as well as my younger brother) is the Recovery Tool — a feature that I think all PC users should consider when looking for an antivirus.
On the other hand,
I really liked that Panda could easily encrypt and decrypt important files for me, and using the file cleaner tool it was also able to completely delete unwanted
files containing my private information — meaning that crooks cannot access these files even if they use advanced methods.
But many of its features are low on functionality, like the password manager and VPN — the VPN tool is incredibly slow and didn’t provide full protection when I tested it.
Web protection, on the other hand, didn’t detect some of the hacked sites I tested — even the obviously known fake Amazon and PayPal login pages.
My reasons for not using pandas:
Weakness in detecting pirated sites and suspicious links.
Slow VPN with IP address vulnerability.
Bad customer support experience.
Useless additional features, like a password manager.
Panda free version is a good product and
many premium packages are very expensive. Other brands,
such as
Norton and
McAfee , may offer more device licenses and better quality features for a similar price.
On the other hand, with a
30-day money-back guarantee on all plans,
you can try the
Dome packages completely risk-free and see if they are right for you.

Panda Dome — Frequently Asked Questions

Is Panda Dome Reliable?

Panda Dome is 100% safe to use. It is a legitimate antivirus software that uses advanced technology to block the latest malware and cyber attacks.

Panda was designed to stand up to the latest dangers:

  • Ransomware.
  • Agent software.
  • Fake URL addresses.
  • Trojans (Trojan horses).
  • And more…

It has a wide range of easy-to-use extras such as family controls, device optimization tools, VPN, password manager, file encryption and file cleaning tools.

But before you start trying, there is something you need to know about this product Dome .

Is Panda Dome Compatible With Mac?

Yes, the macOS version of Panda is available.


  • Antivirus scan.
  • Web protection.
  • Integrated VPN.

But it can’t be said to be good enough to be on our list of the 5 best Mac antiviruses . The antivirus scan is quite slow and the software doesn’t include many features that make the Panda PC version great — Recovery Tool, family checks, file cleanup, file encryption, etc.

If you are looking for full Mac protection, you can try Intego .

Does Panda Dome Have A 100% Malware Detection Rate?

While Panda’s antivirus scanner engine did well in my malware tests, it failed to achieve a 100% detection rate for all cases.
His notes:

  • A full system scan detected 95% of inactive malware.
  • Blocked 100% of active malware (including WannaCry ransomware).
  • Removed 100% of previously downloaded spyware.

Panda’s separate cloud-based scanner tool, “Panda Cloud Cleaner”, performs a more thorough system scan — it also detected suspicious files rooted. Even when I tested it over the malware file that I used in the original antivirus tests, it did not detect some files.

Although Panda Dome does not have a 100% detection rate for all types of malware, it can block and safely remove the most damaging files, such as ransomware. On the other hand , there are other reasons why Panda’s scan engine is so effective .

Is Panda VPN Safe To Use?

Panda VPN is safe to use. Developed by the very well known VPN provider Hotspot Shield. It prevents your IP address from being tracked while protecting their connection.

Panda VPN also has the following features:

  • Strict no-logs policy. Your browser history and IP address are not saved.
  • AES 256-bit encryption. It encrypts all traffic passing through the VPN.
  • Multi-device support. It provides protection for up to 5 devices at the same time.

While some DNS leak testing tools claim your IP address is visible, Hotspot Shield states that these testing tools do not realize that all traffic passing through the VPN is protected with AES 256-bit encryption.

However, when I tested the VPN average speed it wasn’t quite what I expected , especially when compared to other VPN products I’ve tested. Server location and functionality are also limited, and it’s a good idea to check if Panda VPN is ideal for you before purchasing.


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