Signs Of Thyroid Gland Problems


Signs Of Thyroid Gland Problems


What are the Signs of Thyroid Cancer? I had to ask myself this question when I found out that my wife is having thyroid problems. She has been experiencing fatigue, weight gain and joint pain. We went to the Doctor and he gave her a few exams and found nothing to worry about. I wanted to find out what exactly was wrong with her so I would know what course of treatment to take.


There are two Thyroid glands in each side of your body located behind your neck. The Hypothyroidism gland is located just below your Adam’s apple and is responsible for the conversion of TSH into the hormone that controls your metabolism. The Hyperthyroidism gland is located directly under your nipple and is responsible for the increased production of thyroid hormones. When one of these become over active they cause the body to go into hyperactive and over stimulates the Thyroid Gland which causes symptoms such as weight gain and fatigue.


My wife began to experience strange things around her middle area. She began to get a terrible chest pain and felt bloated all the time. Other people who have felt the same symptoms also report pins and needles sensations in their arms and legs. Some even say they begin to get colds and flu like symptoms. Some of the other signs of a thyroid issue include an increase in appetite, mood swings, hair loss, acne and vaginal yeast infections.


The first question on my mind was “Are these symptoms signs of thyroid cancer?”. The answer to that is yes. When the Thyroid Gland becomes over active it can begin to produce too much of the thyroid hormone. This can then cause many different disorders. People who suffer from hypothyroidism do not produce enough Thyroid Glands which results in a person being considered hypothyroid. This can cause bone loss and weight gain, IBS, joint pain and Constipation.


The Thyroid Gland is located below the Actors Cuff and is one of the four major glands in our body. It is found in our neck just above our voice box and is directly attached to the front of our chest. It is located between our neck and breastbone and is directly connected to the thyroid. It creates and releases Thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism and growth. Overactive Tonsils or Hashimoto’s Disease is one of the main signs of an under active Thyroid Gland.


Another main concern about getting this disease is the effect it will have on your mental well being and emotions. If you have been diagnosed with having an overactive Thyroid it can be very depressing and frustrating. Some people tend to become depressed because they are constantly worried about being sick. The sad part is that if you are not ill you probably do not need to worry about being depressed, as there are other more serious conditions that can arise from having an overactive thyroid. If you are depressed because you have had a Thyroid Cancer then it can be even worse.


When looking for signs and symptoms of an under active Thyroid Gland you have to first understand what is involved with having an over active Thyroid and what can happen if it becomes too stressed out. Too much stress can actually damage this gland permanently. If your Thyroid Gland has become too stressed out it can stop producing enough Thyroid hormones. Symptoms of this would be severe fatigue, weight gain, constipation, depression, muscle pain, and hair loss.


To avoid these symptoms it is best to find a natural Thyroid Support treatment plan that uses ingredients that have been proven to support healthy Thyroid function. These plans are made with simple natural ingredients that can be taken daily. They contain herbs and vitamins that can be found at your local health food store. You can find out more information about Thyroid Cancer support systems here.


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