Six Ideas For Making Money By Writing


Six Ideas For Making Money By Writing

Making Money By Writing

Here are 5 ways that you can begin making money by writing on the internet. Wondering how to earn money by blogging? Who to blog for? Here are a few of the ways that you can begin making money by writing on the internet.

First, you might want to consider participating in Kenneth Atherton’s Top tier Article Marketr Service. Kenneth Atherton has been doing this for quite some time and he continues to impress. If you haven’t checked out his program yet, you definitely need to. The six month program is absolutely phenomenal and it will help you make some serious cash over the next six months to a year.

Second, you might want to consider joining the many individuals who have joined blogger if you are serious about making money. Blogger is like the online equivalent of the old “Overture” business adverts, only Kenneth has taken the model to an altogether different level. These types of blogs are known as hub pages, they are specifically designed for the purpose of bringing in visitors and are generally considered to be among the most lucrative websites on the Internet today.

Third, you could also consider purchasing a phone farming guide, this type of guide usually focuses on providing a step-by-step methodology to generating online income. Once again, this is similar to what the aforementioned Mr. Atherton has done. There are some amazing monthly income programs out there. The authors of these programs have produced some amazing products and I encourage you to take advantage of their talents by purchasing his or her book. I’m sure you’ll find this resource extremely helpful and of course you will be able to use it to explode your online income.

Fourth, you could consider purchasing a blogging partner program. Again, there are some really great products available in this particular niche. Your main goal is to research these programs and find one that offers a system that you feel suits you best. For example, my partner program focuses on bloggers who are serious about writing and have a profitable writing platform. If you follow these simple steps you should be able to get started with blogging very quickly and begin making money as soon as possible.

Fifth, consider starting out as a freelancer. This can also be considered the second option but I would not recommend this option to beginners. Firstly, the competition is far greater and the potential income is even greater. If you are serious about building a long term relationship with an individual or company you will be happy to know that there are plenty of freelance writers on the Internet today that are willing to provide you with quality content for varying prices. Some of these writers charge a reasonable price and do not take up too much of your time.

Sixth, consider using your website, blog or newsletter to promote your content syndication. A lot of the promotion is done for you by the company who owns the platform. However, if you have the Internet and the ability to submit your work to hundreds or thousands of web sites you can also make money from the advertising revenue. Many of the bigger Internet companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in advertising and if you build a name and reputation as a high quality writer people will want to promote you on their website and blog. The more traffic you have to your site the better your chances are of getting found.

Finally, consider joining an affiliate program. Again, this is not for everyone but if you have the desire to make money blogging is worth giving this a try. You can sell products you promote directly on your blog or website without having to own a website. As an affiliate you only pay for sales when someone actually visits your blog or website to buy something.


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