Top 10 Upcycling Birthday Decoration Ideas


Here are top 10 decoration ideas to really wow your guests at your next party. FOOD DISplays. Food is an incredible art which is used to make a very lasting impression on the people who attend your event. No, not just talking about displaying mouth-watering dishes, but placing food on display to pique the interest of your attendee. The following decoration ideas will really impress everyone, the food will just flow; and leave them asking you how you could decorate without your having to do any of the work.

Cake and Flower Dish. There are numerous ways to decorate for your birthday, flowers are a perennial favorite because they are a time honored way of celebrating an occasion as auspicious as a birthday. For this type of birthday decoration ideas, simply get some fresh flower arrangements, some beautiful glass bowls or jars, and some tissue paper. Next, you will need a marker or pen and some white tissues to write a short poem on each one of these flower arrangements.

Home Decor ideas don’t necessarily have to break the bank, and neither do upcycling. A lot of times home decor ideas can be achieved through cutting and pasting. One way to save money on your budget is to re-purpose items you already own such as old CD’s, DVD’s, and clothing, and using these items to upcycle into new items such as throw pillows and lampshades. You can also find ideas for home decorating on the web, or ask other home decorators for tips and ideas.



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