Towards a Better World Through Samsung Electronics


Towards a Better World Through Samsung Electronics


Samsung is one of the most successful companies in the world today. It manufactures high-quality mobile phones and other electronic gadgets such as digital cameras and televisions. With its global popularity, the company enjoys the support of an amazing line of products that range from televisions to laptops. Recently, Samsung has entered into a new market: the consumer electronics arena – the high-tech home entertainment sector. The endeavor is its entry into the rapidly growing, but highly competitive, personal computer market.


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., is a South Korean conglomeration of four companies, namely Samsung Electric subsidiary, Samsung Plastics Group, Samsung New Media division and Samsung Telecommunication subsidiary. It is today the pinnacle of South Korea’s biggest chaebol, contributing to the company’s revenue figure. As it matures and expands into the consumer electronics market, the company has been making gradual moves into the ever-changing mobile market.


The Korean company has released its first set of Smartphones – the Galaxy S and the Note. These two products have been designed to work together via the Samsung Connected Personal Information Interface (SCP), which provides users with access to their emails, text messages and other information through their mobile devices. With this effort, Samsung seeks to expand into the lucrative mobile market of Europe and the United States. The company believes that by combining its expertise in producing user-friendly electronic appliances such as TVs and laptops with its technological know-how in the production of Smartphones, it will be able to yield substantial profits.


At present, Samsung’s market share in the European Union is just 3 percent. However, this may gradually improve as the company continues to expand its portfolio of mobile products. In the United States, Samsung has recently surpassed Apple – the world’s biggest maker of mobile devices – to become the second largest mobile vendor in terms of dollars spent per unit. In addition, Samsung is also working on a brand new mobile device for release early next year.


Samsung is also exploring other avenues to make its name known in the mobile world. One such effort involves the manufacturing and distribution of mobile accessories, such as chargers and cases. Such accessories are important devices for users who travel a lot, especially those who frequent subway systems, airports and other places that may be less than hospitable to battery-operated devices. Another area of endeavor is to develop more diverse applications that can run across multiple platforms – such as PCs and tablets. Such applications will allow the company to offer its diverse range of mobile devices to a wider range of customers.


Aside from mobile phones, Samsung intends to further penetrate the home entertainment market. Its attempts have so far been met with failure. Despite this, Samsung continues to invest in developing its own content sharing application. The company is also working on the development of its own Internet browser and a TV-emulator. Both these endeavors are meant to improve the company’s chances of expanding its brand into the ever-increasingly competitive mobile market.


Apart from the home market, Samsung is also looking towards the expanding area of smart devices. Smartphones, especially the Galaxy S4, are considered the must-have phones in this year’s lineup. Apart from being equipped with high-end hardware, the Galaxy S4 boasts several features that are deemed by industry experts to be its edge over other smart phones. For instance, the S4 allows users to surf the Internet using Wi-Fi. Users can also check their Facebook and Twitter accounts straight from the phone’s screen.


Although Samsung is focusing its efforts on the rapidly-changing mobile market, it is not neglecting its home market. Samsung still manufactures appliances such as televisions and refrigerators. It also designs and manufactures Samsung DVD players and camcorders. The company is also pursuing diversified international markets such as India, where Samsung is one of the biggest brands in the mobile telephony industry.


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