Treating Constipation and Its Related Problems in Babies


Treating Constipation and Its Related Problems in Babies

Constipation and Remedies

Many parents wonder if there are simple ways to cure constipation. While there are a number of things you can do, it is always better to go to your doctor or pediatrician so that you can get a diagnosis for the problem. The doctor will be able to tell you what is causing your child’s constipation and recommend a treatment plan. Many times, the child’s symptoms can include signs of dehydration, sleep apnea, bronchitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroenteritis or chronic diarrhea. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to rid the body of any potentially harmful bacteria.


There are several treatments that can be recommended for constipation in infants and children. Most doctors will prescribe a combination of lifestyle changes and medication. For instance, your baby might be given a special formula to replace milk or formula. Some infants are given a special digestive supplement that is designed to help break down the solid food in their bodies.


One of the best remedies for constipation is a natural one, such as prune juice. The prunes, or ground up prunes, that are used to make this juice are edible and safe for your baby to eat. When preparing prunes for consumption, the skin should first be removed. Then the seeds, called prune juice concentrate, should be added. Be sure to use the concentrated form of prunes because the seeds can sometimes be gritty and irritating to the baby’s digestive tract.


The skin of the prunes should first be removed. Then, the inside of the berries should be cleaned. The skin and seed shells should first be soaked in warm water to remove the oils. Then the seeds should be rinsed with water. The digestive system can have problems with absorbing nutrients from foods if the skin and seed shells are left intact. They will not replace the nutrients lost during digestion when taken orally.


A number of other herbal remedies for constipation are based on the juice of the prunes. These can be very helpful as well. Some herbs that are believed to be helpful in relieving constipation and improving digestion include ginger, cardamom, cayenne, fennel, burdock, anise, and fenugreek. These herbs can be taken in capsule form or in pure juice.


There are many natural remedies available for constipation relief for babies. There are also some very helpful over-the-counter medications for this problem. Most of them are safe for children below 12 months of age. The most common constipation relief for infants and young children is fruit juices, but it should be noted that sometimes the problem can be more severe.


One of the best remedies for constipation is a very simple one, and that is to change your diet. If you are suffering with constipation, the food you eat may have an impact on your digestion. You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You should avoid highly processed foods. Changing your diet to exclude cow’s milk and other dairy products can have a very positive effect on your digestion.


There are also some very simple ways to prevent constipation. It includes reasons for the condition itself such as smoking, drinking, and overeating. Eating fibrous meals and snack foods, such as raw nuts, fruits, and vegetable can also have a positive effect. Other remedies for constipation include simple ways to keep your digestive tract clean, such as drinking lots of water, and avoiding sweet snacks.


When your baby is suffering from constipation, he/she will definitely want to be treated immediately. So there are several natural remedies for constipation that you can try. One of these is a change in the feeding habits of your child. This includes avoiding giving too much table sugar, as this has an affect on your baby’s digestion. You can also give breast milk as a substitute.


There are some other natural remedies for treating constipation in babies which include treating constipation by changing your baby’s diaper often, by using fiber rich liquids in the diet, and by giving breast milk or formula to the babies. These help to improve the digestion and remove toxins from the digestive system. Also it helps the babies to become regular in their bowel movements. You can give the babies a homeopathic remedy that includes Belladonna, Psyllium, and Verain which help to balance the level of toxins in the digestive system.


Another great way to treat digestive problems like constipation is to use natural prunes. These prunes contain a chemical called chlorophyll which is good for the health of the liver, brain, and the digestive system. So if you want your baby to be healthy, then you should provide him/her with prunes.

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