Turkey’s Most Beautiful Cities


Turkey’s Most Beautiful Cities

Turkeys most beautiful cities

Turkey’s most beautiful cities are in the northern part of the country, especially the largest cities of Antalya, Bingol, Burgazada and Mecidiyekoy. Each city has a unique charm that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you have never been to Turkey or if you want to experience the best Turkey has to offer, you should visit these cities. The best attractions to see in Turkey are its wonderful beaches, marvelous countryside and the magnificent mountains that stretch from the north to the south. In short, Turkey has everything a vacationer wants.

The most popular attraction in Turkey is its vast uninhabited wilderness areas where you can enjoy mountain biking, hiking and camping. Turkey is a land of great antiquity. You can witness the ancient times of Turkey at the ruined city of Ephesus. Ephesus is one of Turkey’s most famous tourist landmarks and is the site of the Temple of Artemis; an ancient Roman building that was rebuild in 4th century.

Another fascinating attraction in Turkey is the Black Sea coast and its many islands. The Black Sea is a natural wonder and has become a popular tourist destination. It boasts of numerous islands and there are forty known islands. These islands are popular for their wonderful beaches. A variety of water sports such as wind surfing, kayaking, water scooting, catamaranning, sailing and hydroplane racing are available on the beaches of Turkey.

Turkey’s most beautiful cities are located in the south. These cities overlook the Mediterranean and the beautiful seas. The most popular cities to visit are Antalya, Bingol, Burgazada, Marmaris and Mecidiyekoy. Antalya is a well-known tourist destination because of its exciting nightlife. Here you can party all night and enjoy great food. Bingol is Turkey’s second largest city and is famous for its beautiful beaches.

Marmaris is Turkey’s third largest city and is famous for its hospitality and excellent dining. Its rich history and pleasant climate have made it a favorite vacation spot for the whole world. Mecidiyekoy is Turkey’s most picturesque city and is also home to a large number of tourists. Its coastal area is dotted with splendid beaches and there are many turkish cities overlooking the lovely black sea.

Istanbul is another city that offers a fascinating mixture of modern and historical settings. Many of the old istanbul tourist attractions have been converted into luxurious hotels. Here you can dine out and take in the sights of the beautiful Turkish beaches.

Besides these three, there are many other important tourist destinations in Turkey. Kinaliada is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations as it has Mediterranean style architecture and is only about 2 hours from the capital, Turkey. There are many different beaches in Kinaliada and all the major seaside resort areas are accessible by road. The sea coast resorts of Mecidiyekoy and Marmaris are very popular with both western tourists and the local Turkish people.

The Black Sea coast has many beautiful beaches which offer fantastic getaways from the hustle and bustle of the main cities. If you are visiting Turkey in autumn, then there is no better place than Marmaris where you can enjoy the spectacular sunset. It is also a good place to scout for cheap holiday deals as the prices in the cities have become quite low due to the high demand. Turkey has a great deal of things to offer and many tourist attractions such as the most beautiful beaches, medieval towns, markets and beautiful sea coast cities, make Turkey an appealing place to visit and explore on your own or with the family.


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