Understanding the Basics of BASICALLY: The Science of Soul-mates, Body-mind-spirit


Understanding the Basics of BASICALLY: The Science of Soul-mates, Body-mind-spirit


Every thought, feeling, perception and behavior shows up as an energetic signal that is then sent to the subconscious mind for consideration. It is then that BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGY comes into play. This science of Psciology has had a rather limited following up until recently. The main reason is that most people have not yet come to understand the powerful influence of their emotions on their state of mind – or more importantly, their psychology. It is a strange paradox: our emotions are what keep us alive, but they are the major cause of misery and stress in this life.


If we are to ever discover the ultimate secret of life, it will have to be discovered through the study of all levels of consciousness. That means that every level of “consciousness” has to be studied and accounted for. This has been the subject of interest of the greatest minds of all time. Albert Einstein and James Watson were close to discovering that science was actually able to unlock the mysteries of the mind, but that was a matter of proving that all thoughts were produced from some sort of consciousness. They had no idea, at the time, how to make sense of all this.


Sigmund Freud and his associates considered this region of psychology to be the key to understanding human nature. In essence, all thoughts and feelings emanate from the same central source – which Freud called the Id – but individual perceptions and beliefs vary greatly from person to person. This is why so much confusion and frustration can exist in relationships. Just because a person differs from another in certain ways, such as beliefs about marriage or money, it does not mean that they are not compatible. The key is to learn to communicate with each other on an intuitive level.


If you study this area of psychology, you will discover that it is not just concerned with the symbols engraved in letters and numbers on your computer screen. It is also interested in understanding how these symbols and pictures connect to your deepest self, and how they may affect your state of mind in the past and present. It also studies the connection between the body, mind and spirit to our physical world. All the information that science has gathered about the human mind has been greatly enhanced through the study of the psychic world.


As someone who is interested in understanding this science, you may wonder what you can do to help improve your personal life. Many people are intrigued by the power of the soul, and want to tap into it. The problem is that very few people know where to begin. For the most part, people are simply not born with this incredible knowledge. Fortunately, with some study and practice, it is possible to learn all that is necessary to understand this amazing science.


Through the study of the various branches of this scientific endeavor, people have learned how to receive their life force and become more powerful. There are many different paths that an individual can take when they are ready to delve deeper into the mysterious world of the spirit. You can choose to receive your life force, learn how to harmoniously live with your physical self, and learn how to transform your negative emotions into loving emotions. If you truly desire to master this art, there are many good resources available to you. You may want to visit a metaphysical bookstore or spend some time online.


As with any subject that deals with the metaphysical, it is important to remember that one’s interpretation of events and meanings may be different from another person’s. There is no right or wrong way to approach this topic. If you feel strongly that studying and mastering this science is important in your life, then go ahead and do so. Just make sure that you do not mistake this for a religious concept. Spirit is life itself, and is a part of the “cosmos” that makes up the universe.


The focus of the information presented in the above article is to explain the relationship between the human mind and the spirit. The mind and spirit are related because they are both part of the same “cosmos.” Although they are separated in time and space, the human mind and spirit are one and the same. These concepts should help open your eyes to the world of potential, possibilities. I hope that BASICALLY: The Science of Soul-mates, Body-mind-spirit will help you along your own personal scientific voyage.


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