Ways to Discover Your Talents and Pass It on For Other Times


Ways to Discover Your Talents and Pass It on For Other Times


In business, many people hear words such as not your own passion and chase the opportunity. It’s no wonder so many people are completely overwhelmed with their careers, passions and having any time for themselves. Discovering one’s talent can really help one in a multitude of ways both in career, business and everyday living.


There are tons of ways to discover your hidden talents. One important thing is to figure out what your interests are. If you love something, you can usually figure out how to do it or make it better. Many times we start doing something and think we are good at it, only to find out we aren’t.


Figure out what talents or abilities you have and pursue them. Your hidden talent may be in the area of cooking, playing an instrument, writing or even being great at building websites. The key is to start taking action to develop your talents. The easiest way to do this is to get started on a project you are passionate about. Doing something you love gives you a feeling of accomplishment, which boosts your self-confidence and helps you achieve more in life.


Another method of uncovering your hidden talents is to find someone who is talented and follow their lead. Many times you will be able to discover some of your own talents by following others efforts. By working alongside someone who is talented, you will have a coach to guide you and keep you accountable. You will learn from them and become inspired. Many times people are told they need to take the hard road when it comes to discovering their talents, but with a mentor, you can become inspired without having to risk everything you know about yourself.


There are many programs available that can teach you how to discover your own talents and skills, even if they are not what you had hoped for. One program I recommend is called Ayobami. It was created by Chris Anderson and Michael Norton, two of the best self-help authors in the world. Ayobami was created to help people discover their hidden potentials by applying a four step system. When using this system, people learn how to use their strengths to help others. The steps are as follows:


Step one is to identify your personal talents, interests and skill sets and write down everything that comes to mind. In this step, you can brainstorm to discover your hidden talents. Many times we are so focused on what we don’t want to do that we rarely notice things we have a talent for. Once you have discovered your hidden talents, write them down in a journal or on paper. This will give you a sense of purpose and help you to identify what it is that you are really good at. It will also help you to determine how you can make use of your natural talents to help others.


Step two involves evaluating your identified talents. Don’t be surprised if you see things that you thought you knew had to be impossible. You might find out that you have a talent for playing the piano but did not think much about when to learn it. Or, that you have great abilities in sales but didn’t know where to start. Through this evaluation process, you can learn how to utilize your natural abilities and passions to discover a new area of interest.


Finally, step three involves developing your natural talent and passion to help others. As you become more comfortable with your inner child, you will find that you are becoming more generous in helping others. If you are not currently helping others, you can begin by offering your services locally at fairs or through your own nonprofit organization. Once you develop an abundance in helping others, you will become increasingly comfortable with sharing your inner child throughout the world and in the process, you will discover a deeper calling to help others.


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