Ways to Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups


Ways to Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups

A great deal of effort has been put into the development of a natural way to prevent eczema, since it is such a frustrating condition. It can be very itchy and irritating for those who suffer from it, and can cause further health problems if it’s not taken care of. Eczema usually affects the hands, knees and elbows in children, but can be found almost anywhere on the skin. The symptoms are very obvious though, and include redness, swelling, cracking, blistering and itching.

Way to Prevent Eczema


Eczema and allergic reaction usually occur when too much skin contact occurs with irritants or allergens. One of the main causes of this is through the contact dermatitis factor. Since so many different things cause skin to become inflamed and itchy, one of the main contributing factors is through contact dermatitis. Since it is extremely difficult to avoid coming into contact with things that trigger eczema, you will need to learn how to recognize and avoid them as much as possible.


You can also find eczema triggers in the foods you eat, since what you eat will effect how your body reacts to it. Some common foods that can cause you to have these symptoms include; shellfish, peanuts, cow’s milk, soy products and eggs among others. You will find that some of these have an allergic reaction to peanuts, so if you happen to be allergic to peanuts, you may want to stay away from peanuts. Cow’s milk can also cause itchy skin due to its lactose content.


Another thing to consider when trying to prevent eczema is staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water daily to keep yourself hydrated, and keep your skin hydrated as well. Do not ever skip drinking water, since it will help keep you healthy and prevent any complications from occurring. Eat fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins to improve your diet and to prevent an allergic reaction to your skin condition.


In extreme cases, over-the-counter treatments may be prescribed by a doctor. These treatments should only be used on the skin and should not be taken internally. The most commonly used over-the-counter drugs are hydrocortisone and steroid creams, which are great at decreasing the symptoms associated with eczema. You must keep in mind that steroid creams will cause you to have side effects like skin thinning or even acne. So use these treatments sparingly and talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of each treatment before you use them on your skin.


Using lotions is also another effective way to prevent eczema flare ups and help reduce the symptoms associated with this annoying skin condition. There are a lotion variety available for those suffering from dry skin. These lotions can help moisturize dry or chapped skin and provide additional protection from the irritating itch of eczema. Most lotions contain emollients to keep the skin soft and moisturized.


Itching is another symptom of eczema and can last for days. When eczema occurs during the winter months, the dry air can cause a chronic itch that is hard to relieve. To prevent the skin condition from becoming worse, wear lightweight cotton clothing and allow yourself to get some fresh air and sun light. If you live in a location where it snows heavily, cover your skin with a heavy scarf or hat to keep excess moisture from building up inside your fur covered clothing. If the weather is especially dry and cold, be sure to use a humidifier to replenish the moisture in your skin. Use light cotton clothing instead of clothing made from wool or synthetic fibers to avoid moisture build-up inside your clothes.


Atopic dermatitis can sometimes lead to serious complications if not treated properly. If you notice red, inflamed skin and/or rash that worsens with increased time and increased temperature, visit a physician. The doctor will need to perform a biopsy to discover the exact cause of the flare-ups. Treating atopic dermatitis successfully requires lifestyle changes, including a balanced diet and sufficient sleep. The right medications and consistent treatment from a qualified doctor can help you to control the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

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