WHAT IS COVID? By Will Gervais. Hardback, Paperback, Vinyl, and now available in an eBook format. A refreshing, humorous look at relationships through the eyes of a newlywed.


I read the book while commuting on my train in Italy one morning. I had gotten up early and was nervous about making it to the destination train in time. I love the subway system, and though it can be quite boring, I figured I had at least something interesting to keep me entertained for the few hours I was away. That’s when I heard the title of this book… COVID. It was an instant book mark for me.


CO VID reads like an Italian novel. It starts simply enough with the couple newlyweds waking up in a strange hotel room, unsure of what exactly they are doing. They are hungry and thirsty, but nothing seems to really care. The humor in this book comes from their confused reactions to everyday events.


The newlyweds are headed off to meet their family for dinner. Before they get there though, they overhear their mother telling them about a beautiful woman that lives in Venice. Upon hearing this, they decide to follow her there in order to ask her out. Once they get there however, they are shocked to see that the woman is actually a vampire. This turns out to be more of a shock then a funny moment for them.


Soon after this happens, the couple realizes they have several days before their big night. With no idea where to go or what to do, they decide to take a vacation. Once they are there, CO VID jumps into their lives. They quickly become great friends and spend every day of their vacation trying to figure out what to do with the day.


What I like about CO VID? I liked that the book was so simple. Though obviously not in depth like a How to write a novel or something, it was easy to read and understood right away.


Also, the main character in this book, David, is played by one of my favorite actors, Jason Statham. He has a great personality and voice, which helps bring some real life to the book. In fact, Statham’s character started out as a minor character and we were just laughing at his jokes for a while until everything clicked. You can tell he actually feels for the character and cares about him. I found this to be a very endearing and genuine guy and definitely a character I would love to have as a friend someday.


Overall, I think this is a fun, light hearted humorous book. It would make a good bedtime story or starter of a new horror novel. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. If you have read it and liked it, I’d highly recommend it to other horror novel lovers as well. No words can describe how enjoyable of a read this book is.


” WHAT IS CO VID?” would make an excellent first Halloween story for your child or perhaps for a horror lover. It would be a perfect jumping-off point if you’re thinking about writing a Halloween story for your next horror novel. I would definitely include this one in my future stories.


What is Covert Hypnosis and why is it scary? Well, it’s basically hypnosis without the needles. You take your subjects mind and put suggestions in without them realizing it. When I took the time to read this book, I felt like I understood hypnosis better than I ever had before. The techniques, tips, tricks and suggestions are all explained in a way that is easy to understand and use but also scary and powerful.


I would recommend this book to any young adult who wants to try a new scary style of reading. It’s graphic, dark, and very disturbing. If you don’t think you’d enjoy it, skip to the end where there is a lot of blood and gore. It’s not for the faint of heart but if you can stomach that, I highly recommend this book.


What Is Covert Hypnosis is an excellent little self improvement book. It may scare a few people but it will surely make some look really silly. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to frighten and influence others.


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