What Is Love? The Music Video By Kanye And Kim Reviewed


What Is Love? The Music Video By Kanye And Kim Reviewed


Why is “love” important at all, and what does it mean? When you are young, you have very little concept of love. Most of us find true happiness through the security of a loving and committed relationship. However, in reality, most find fulfillment via the emotional comfort of a deep personal connection. Unfortunately, that is not what love is.


Love is complicated, and the term itself means a lot of different things for different people. On one end of the spectrum, we have the more conventional love, which is defined by a lifelong connection based on commonality of interests, goals, or hobbies. On the other end, there is the “love for the stars” kind of love, defined by an emotional bond that only grows as your knowledge of the star grows. So let’s take a look at the definitions of these two forms of love.

“Love is a disease.” This is the opening line from Kanye West’s most famous song, “Runway [Explicit]” (Wake Up To Your Love). In the chorus, he tells the listener that he doesn’t really know what love is because he’s “not exactly running into the house”. This is where the song starts to take on a different meaning. Instead of running into the house, you are running toward love.


Two months later, in the music video for that song, West and Kim Kardashian (with their little girls) are running toward the house. The camera follows them as they go up an incline and then fall to the ground. In the background, you can hear the theme song to the movie “A Christmas Story”, and it is played in the background. The song and video come together to create one of the most recognizable videos of all time.


“Love is an adjective” is the second most popular song from the album that features West and Kim Kardashian. It has been covered by many artists, but is perhaps the most well known. In the chorus, Kim says she doesn’t really know what love is because she only has one-hit song to remember it by. She then switches to a guitar to play a rendition of that very song. While this may be an exaggeration, it is definitely a classic. And the song was popular enough to be on the Hot 100 list in 13 countries.


“Love is a feeling” is the third most popular song from the album with West and Kim. In this version, the words to the title appear over a model of Germany with a bomb on the dashboard and text on a billboard across the front of her face. Above the text, Kim says, “I’m not crazy, I’m not a wreck.” This certifies alone, without a doubt, that this is a love poem about two people who are in love. The figures based on the German words are quite detailed and even include a skyline of New York and Paris.


So, we have a visual clue as to what the cover is all about, but now we also have audio to go along with it. A lot of music videos these days have covers that don’t feature any lyrics at all. Instead they focus on just the video, which is great if you are just catching up with a big band, but you miss out on the powerful emotions of the music video. On the other hand, this isn’t a problem with West and Kardashian since their relationship has more depth than just a love song. In fact it’s actually very rare to hear a music video from any artist that doesn’t talk about love or relationships. They usually all talk about it at some point in the song or video.


The most interesting thing about the Kanye and Kim collaboration is that they chose to make an extended edit of the original song for their album. The song is about how Kim wanted to marry a black man, which is obviously a little bit different than wanting to marry a white man (which is a little bit moretraditional). But it was important to them that there be some continuity with the song lyrics so people could relate to the story. It works perfectly since the song reached number one on the German charts and also because they managed to include the Kim and Kanye collab in the list of the best songs ever.


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