What Is Made Of Car Tire?


Let’s not dismiss it by saying car tires. With one small car tire, it is possible to come up with an unimaginable astonishing idea.

Read the rest of our article to see what is made from car tires and to reveal the wonderful designs with your own hands.


Garden decor from old car tires

Thanks to this special idea, you can make a very stylish flower pot that will be appreciated with its appearance, especially in your garden or terrace. In this way, you can make a great contribution to your garden decor. The materials you will need for this job will be a rubber, silicone, thick threads, a round metal lid and wooden legs for the flower pot.

First of all, you need to silicon around the tire abundantly and wrap the tire well with thick ropes. Close one side of the tire by gluing it with a metal cover and make it a standing flower pot by gluing the wooden legs to the back of the metal cover.

Now your pot is ready to use and it is a wonderful environment for your flowers.

Making a rubber doghouse

It is possible to turn the tires into a round and soft nest for our lovely friends. Before positioning the slot at the point you want, you need to paint around it with your favorite colors. Then you can take it wherever you want and fill it with a sponge. You can make a nest for your cats or dogs by laying a small blanket right in the middle.

Making a coffee table from car tires

Especially to use in your garden, you need to paint a car tire using a wood-colored paint. Then, you can turn it into a stylish and useful coffee table by sticking a pine piece that will correspond to the size of the outer diameter of the tire.



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