What is Nano Mask? A Quick Guide


What is Nano Mask? A Quick Guide

What is Nano Mask

What is Nano Mask? A new concept that has emerged from the scientific research is based on the concept of a’smart’ mask. The concept is not entirely new as many scientific researchers have already designed and developed such devices. However, with the technology available in the present time, this concept has really caught attention of the scientific community.


How does it work? Basically, the device works on the principle of creating a layer of special particles that are invisible to the human eyes. They are attached to the surface through an electronic bond. These particles are capable of penetrating into the skin without damaging the skin. In effect, these particles serve as a layer of protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is coming from the sun. Hence, it helps in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


The theory behind this new technology is very simple. Water acts like a barrier for these particles to penetrate into the skin. As the particles move through the water, they tend to break down the water molecules layer by layer. This helps them in getting absorbed into the cells. The broken water molecules act like a shield to the skin which protects it from any damage or germs.


So how exactly do these layers work? When the skin is exposed to UV rays of the sun, these particles of water act like a sunscreen on the skin and help in preventing the damage of the cells caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun. Hence, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and helps in rejuvenating the skin.


When the cells are formed inside the layers, they do not have the chance to get oxygen. Hence, they die and are replaced by new cells. These new cells are protected by the protective layer. Hence, it helps in rejuvenating the skin.


When we are walking in a pool, we cannot see the water surface directly. We use hand devices like swimming poolslides and spas for getting a view of the surface. Similarly, we can also use other instruments for accessing the water’s core. But, the depth will be limited to a certain extent. With the help of such instruments like Nano tools, we can penetrate to the core without any problem.


What is Nano Mask? There are several products that are produced with this technology. Some of them are in form of pill, gel or cream. They are applied on the skin surface where the holes are made. After this, the holes are punctured and the cells get accumulated.


Such a method has applications in many industries. It is used for coating metal surfaces and in vacuum cleaning of the interiors of automobiles. It can be also used to remove oil from deep crevices and in medical processes like chemotherapy.


The basic principle of this technology is based on the theory of unidirectional electron flow. This means that the particles emerging from the hole will be flowing in the same direction as the hole. As the hole closes, the particles stop flowing and start flowing in the opposite direction. Thus, by applying voltages, the trapped particles are broken into smaller particles.


This is a wonderful creation. These tiny little shells are called nanospheres. The captured particles are encapsulated in nanometer thickness layers of silicon, strontium and titanium. These layers work like a sponge. Every time a particle comes in contact with the sponge, it helps the particles to spread outwards.


As the nanospheres get spread out, the number of water molecules associated with each nanoscope becomes lesser. The overall area of coverage is much greater. The number of nanoscopes gets increased as the water traps more particles. In effect, the total area of coverage resembles the surface of a very large coffee cup.


What is Nano Mask? This wonder product is going to change the way we see prosthetics. This amazing breakthrough is going to help people to regain mobility after accidents. It will help to rebuild joints. It will even make artificial limbs look like real. Thus, this new breakthrough is going to change how we use prosthetics forever.

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