What is Photography?


What is Photography?

What is photography? Photography is the art, discipline, and science of taking highly visible images through light, by film, or through any other means by capturing light. The images are then interpreted by the photographer, who may use film or digital cameras. A typical modern camera has at least one digital element such as a LCD screen to present the image as seen through the camera lens.


Modern technology and the introduction of the digital camera changed the landscape of photography forever. Digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras replaced the traditional fixed lens camera which required a long exposure time to achieve clear and crisp images. Today’s digital cameras make it possible for anyone to take stunning landscape photographs with just a few simple steps.


In the old days of film-based photography, the photographer had to manually focus each shot using manual photography techniques. However, with the introduction of SLR (single lens reflex) cameras, the photographer now has much more control over his/her images than ever before. Modern SLR cameras allow for very precise focus, a full manual focus, and are capable of taking up to 12 megapixel photos. The photographer can even use different lenses for different effects such as a fish-eye lens for zooming in on the subject of a photo or a softer lens for an easier, softer look. The photographer can control shutter speed and aperture with the click of a button.


The goal of a professional photographer is to capture images that show the beauty of the subject and create an emotional reaction in the viewer. The technique that a photographer uses to compose the image, decide on a lighting setting, and select the right lens are some of the things that determine the final composition of a photograph. Photography Courses offer training in the many techniques of photography that help a photographer to be able to understand how to compose a photograph. A person interested in photography can enroll in an online photography course to become an expert in the art of photography. Many schools offer online courses that can be completed in as little as a few weeks. Online courses have helped many to complete their education and earn a diploma in the field of photography.


As technology advanced so has photography so has the photography equipment used to capture those images. Advancements in camera design and micro processors have made the current crop of digital cameras superior to the first generation of digital cameras. The quality of the pictures taken using modern technology is unbelievable. Many modern photographers believe that the quality of a photograph is what truly matters, not the size of the photograph.


Today’s technologically advanced photographic equipment produces photographs that are vibrant, detailed and moving. With a digital camera, a photographer does not have to wait to print his/her photographs after they have been taken. Instead, the photographer can immediately print off a copy of the most desirable copy of each photograph. There is no longer a need to rush out to a photographic store to purchase more film or developing chemicals to develop more photographs.


Portrait photography has become very popular over the past few years and many professional photographers have turned it into a lucrative profession. Portrait photography usually involves a group of professional photographers working together to take a photograph of a person’s face. The photographs are often taken while the person is at a formal or informal event and may also be taken at a day care or at someone’s home. These photographs are then taken and professionally cataloged to create a stunning collection for collectors and buyers to enjoy for a long time.


A great way to learn about what is photography is to attend a photography class. Some classes focus on landscape photography, but others will include portraits, baby photography and others. An online search will reveal a complete list of local and online courses available for today’s professional photographers. When attending a class a photographer will learn about lighting, composition and other important aspects of modern photography. This knowledge can help a photographer to become an excellent photographer and to pursue his or her dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

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