What Is The Source Of Under Eye Bruise? Find Out Now To Stop It From Getting Worse


What Is The Source Of Under Eye Bruise? Find Out Now To Stop It From Getting Worse

What is the Source of UnderEye Bruises

Under-eye bruise (also called uvulopalatoploasty) is a common cosmetic complaint. It occurs when the skin in the area surrounding the eyes becomes irritated or inflamed and the capillaries that drain blood to the under-eye area become damaged or narrow. This results in less than normal blood flow and possible scarring if left untreated. Under-eye discoloration can be temporary or long-lasting.


Bruising, crusting, or drying of the skin around the eyes is referred to as under-eye puffiness. Usually, it occurs during the overnight hours, but sometimes it occurs during waking hours too. Most cases begin during the late stages of the first week after a holiday or other period of stress. When the cause is not identified, it may persist for several weeks and then subside.


What is the source of under-eye bruising? A small tear in the protective layer of the eyelid or an injury to the eyelid or orbital bone are the usual causes. A small capillary can also get damaged. Some people experience an increase in blood flow to the area around the eye as a result of stress, such as sitting down or getting up too fast. Even flashing lights in the eyes can cause this condition.


What is the source of under-eye wrinkles? The same reasons that cause puffiness also lead to wrinkles. Overproduction of collagen, the protein that gives skin its elasticity, and decreased production of hyaluronic acid, which lubricates and cushions the joints, are responsible for making the skin lose its firmness and eventually sag. As the face becomes older, so does its skin. There may be factors in the environment that contribute to sagging, including the ultraviolet radiations from sunlight, the constant rubbing of the eyes against clothing, and habitual facial expressions.


What is the source of under-eye bags? Sometimes just a lack of hydration is the culprit, especially when the eye area always seems to be dry and red. Other times there may be an infection of the sinuses or excess straining while washing the face. In both cases, treatment by a medical professional should be sought as soon as possible. A complete draining of the system should be done first.


What is the source of dark circles under the eyes? There may be an underlying structural problem, such as weak veins or hemorrhoids. Often times these are just the result of a lack of sleep or inadequate nourishment.


What is the source of redness or swelling under the eyes? Straining while trying to sleep or trying to open the eyes can cause swollen blood vessels. Sometimes just the appearance of enlarged veins in the skin surrounding the eye can be a sign of an infection, but it is definitely worth a trip to the doctor.


If you have any doubt in your mind that the bruise on your eyes is not caused by natural causes, consult with a medical professional. He or she will be able to determine the real cause of your symptoms and guide you in the right direction of treatment. Knowing the what is the source of under-eye bruise can help you prevent future episodes, which is probably the best thing that will happen in your face.


There are many home remedies available that can relieve an eye bruise. Try using a paste of dried fruit, cinnamon and honey. This mixture can be applied to the area and will soothe the pain and reduce inflammation. You might also try applying fresh slices of avocado to the eye, which will help soothe the discomfort from a blemish.


When looking at the what is the source of under-eye bruise, try not to think about the cause. Instead, focus your attention on treating the skin around the eyes, which is usually the best solution to the problem. A good eye cream or gel will help reduce the blemish and restore your skin to its natural, healthy glow.


If you have an eye bruise, don’t let it stand out. Put on your sunglasses and act smart. Don’t spend your time worrying about what is the source of under-eye discoloration. You need to put your attention on solving the problem, and treating the skin around the eyes. With patience and proper treatment, you’ll find the relief you deserve.


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