Who Is Mark Zucherberg – A Former Rydal High School Classmate


Who Is Mark Zucherberg – A Former Rydal High School Classmate

Mark Zuckerberg is an American business magnate, internet mogul, and philanthropist. He is most well known for founding Facebook and later being its CEO, president, and also controlling shareholder. The Facebook site is one of the most visited sites on the internet by many individuals and has over one billion hits every month. In 2004, the company was sold to someone from a subsidiary of Al Gore’s Carbon Copy Pro.

While at Harvard, Zuckerberg developed the Facebook application and used it to share student information with the rest of the students on the campus. Eventually, after receiving financial backing, Zuckerberg transferred the ownership of the site to a venture capital firm. The company became very successful and in less than three years, it was listed on the Nasdaq and was sold to Microsoft for a huge sum. Two months later, the site was purchased by Google. Mark Zuckerberg received personal compensation of around seventy five thousand dollars for his role as CEO and chairman of the company.

Not only is Mark a popular internet businessman, but he is also an accomplished philanthropist. As a young man, he worked with the YMCA in Berkeley as a youth organizer before going on to become a multimillionaire. He currently serves as the president of the Mark Zuckerman Children’s Charity, as well as the co-chairman of the Chan Zuckerberg Philanthropic Foundation. Recently, Mark and Jill Zuckerberg spoke about their philanthropic efforts, which included the purchase of Instagram.

Now that Mark and Jill have their Facebook together, they are hoping to raise billions for the foundation through the purchase of Instagram. What does Mark Zucherberg know about raising money through social media? Well, he is well-known for being a savvy investor. In fact, Mark has invested in industries ranging from real estate to software development, becoming worth millions of dollars. So, it seems likely that he will be investing heavily in the future of Facebook through its acquisition of Instagram. With net worth upwards of two hundred million, Mark is well on his way to joining the ranks of other very wealthy entrepreneurs.

Although many people questioned the wisdom of purchasing an already established social networking service, Mark Zucherberg had other ideas. For one thing, he wanted to create a website that catered specifically to college students. Although this sounds like a rather circular argument, it made sense for him and his partner’s need to raise money. Therefore, what was his alternative, other than allowing his business to operate via the traditional real estate channels? The answer was an all-inclusive, online social networking service: the ardsley high school.

The difference between the two years’ purchase of the ardsley high school and Zucherberg’s subsequent venture into Facebook was that he did not own the site; instead, he rented it. Unlike other real estate investments, Mark Zucherberg did not have a large amount of money to work with. His investment consisted of a few thousand dollars in cash, plus another couple thousand dollars in credit line. He and his partners were able to operate the site exclusively for two years, despite having only a few employees.

Who is Mark Zucherberg? His real name is Mark Duplath, but the name that has stuck is Mark Zucherberg. The story of his early life in detail is being written by his former roommate, Erica Derry. The book will detail Mark’s early years in detail, starting with his days at Rydal High School and ending with his years at Harvard. It is a wonderful story, one that Mark has always wanted to share with the world.

Who is Mark Zucherberg is a well researched read. The information he shares about his early life in detail is extremely well done. It is a great read that has many things that will appeal to both fans of Facebook and fans of the Internet. The information is detailed, humorous, and appealing.


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