Who Is Queen Elizabeth II?


Who Is Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth is one of the most famous queens in the history of England. She is known as the Queen consort and she is the head of state for the whole of the British realm. Elizabeth II is also Queen of Scotland and fifteen other Commonwealth realms. She is head of the Commonwealth of England, Ireland, the United States, and Australia. She is the head of state in the United Kingdom, the head of the Council of the 10, and she is also a member of the privy Council.

who is queen elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth II is the mother to the current Queen Elizabeth, though her real name is just Princess Elizabeth. When her mother died, she was practically taken away from her father and stepmother and became the new Queen. She was married to the future king George III, but they had no children. After her marriage to her stepson, her present period is known as the Industrial Revolution, and it was at this time that Queen Elizabet became a monarch. The Industrial Revolution made the need for someone to assume the throne more pressing, so in 18ouse she became queen elizabeth ii.


There are many theories about who is queen elizabeth ii. The first idea is that she was the young wife of her half-brother, James I, and then a supporter of her half-sister, Queen Mary. This would make sense because James was not very supportive of her. It has also been suggested that the young Queen was married to the king, making James, her half-brother, the legitimate King of England.


Another theory is that the crown jewels were actually stolen by her. Some of these jewels include a ruby, emerald, and sapphire. These gems are very rare and only a few people have them, meaning that her ability to be a member of the royal family was very strong. Another idea is that she was simply the executor of her father’s will and simply took on the crown as her father’s widow, which would make her eligible to the throne as well.


Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth in the year sixteen thirty-seven during the reign of her brother, James I. She was thirty years old at the time. Elizabeth was the first British Queen to re-establish an empire in what is now called England and to put together a central government after the dissolution of England. Queen Elizabeth was popularly known as “The Queen”, although the majority of her reign was spent fighting for her independence from her cousin, King George III. Her reign also included several years during which England became one of the most powerful and wealthy nations in the world.


Queen Elizabeth was succeeded by her son, King George III. She had two daughters, Princesses Mary and Elizabeth, as well as a granddaughter, Princesses Beatrice and Charles. While no one can accurately pinpoint the exact number of years that elated, or even elapsed, the most common historical figureage puts the death of the queen at the end of the seventeenth century.


During her reign, Queen Elizabeth created severalutch governments in the east and Middle East. Many of these were puppet states created to control parts of India and other parts of the Middle East while she herself continued to live in the city-state of London. However, she always maintained her British citizenship and, as a result, was still legally entitled to vote in British parliament. She also never contracted the title of “empire” as some people suggested and never allowed the practice of executing autopsies or using the royal seal except for the family members who were entitled to such privileges.


Besides her husband, George III, who was forty-three when he became king, there was little else that could be done for the impoverished and vastly unpopular queen. She had been married and divorced three times and spent almost fourteen years in the exile of India from 1767 until her death. Her reign was not without its scandals and struggles including one of the biggest and most notorious trials in modern history where she was tried for adultery with her half-brother, the marquis de la Raudonneau. Although the queen was eventually convicted of this crime, which occurred while she was away on a trip to India, she was nonetheless given the Order of the British empire by the crown, the highest honor awarded to any member of the British monarchy.


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