Who is Ronaldinho? A Boon For Brazilian Fans


Who is Ronaldinho? A Boon For Brazilian Fans

Who is Ronaldo? Well he is the name of talented football player who is already turning ex-professional. Ronaldinho was born in Brazil. He is already a well respected national team player having played for many years for various South American nations. He is currently a coach of the national team which is representing his country at the FIFA World Cup tournament this summer.

Amongst all the great legends of the game, ronaldinho stands out as a true footballing legend. This son of a promising football player from the slums of Rio de Janeiro was given a chance to play at a high level when he moved to Portugal with his brother at the age of eight. He soon made a name for himself playing for local side Vitoria Guimarem and turning out to be a promising right midfielder and attacking midfielder.

During the 1998 season, Ronaldinho made his first appearance for the Brazil team at a friendly match against England. He impressed the English manager Peter Taylor with some of his ability and after being called up by the national side, he played a full 90 minutes of a 3-0 victory against the English. He has since become a well regarded member of the Brazil team and has established himself as a good attacking midfielder. Ronaldinho has also scored two goals in four games for his country and is now part of the Brazilian national squad for the forthcoming World Cup tournaments. He has impressed many people during his time with the national team and he has also established himself as a good passer and a decent dribbler.

How did ronaldinho develop his abilities as a player? What were his early life experiences that led to his success in the field? During the early years he played for fun, as a teenager he was a popular member of a crowd at a local club and this paved the way for his future career. He soon moved on to become a member of Vitoria Guimares-aneged, in which he became known as a goalscorer. This move helped him progress to a position where he could develop his skills and it is from here that his career really began.

Who is Ronaldinho’s late father? There seems to be a common link between the lives of Ronaldinho and his late father, who was a Brazilian soccer star. His late father was a talented player and was part of the Brazil national team and even played professionally for a number of years. The younger Ronald has inherited his late father’s skill and determination to become a professional soccer player and the career he pursued is likely to continue in the same vein as his father, who is currently coaching a team in Vitoria Guimares-aneged.

Where does Ronald go when he isn’t playing football? He loves watching football on TV and often gets frustrated with his non-stop daydreams of being an elite football player, one who makes it to the world championship. The most recent goal he scored against Mexico put him one touch closer to fulfilling his dream and that would be a very proud day for him and his family. It was also quite a fitting tribute to his late father who died of lung cancer when Ronald was only six years old.

Who is Ronaldinho’s agent? It has been widely reported in the media that the Brazilian forward is represented by a sports agent but does anyone actually know who he actually is? Ronald is not a regular member of the Brazil team and it is believed that he is simply a regular football player who happens to have a very popular nickname. It is fair to say that his agent is more popularly known as Waxpool than his actual name, though it is also fair to say that he is by no means a hopeless case, despite being a world-class football player with a very popular nickname.

What is Ronald Hofficler all about? As mentioned above, he is a world-famous soccer player who is well-known for scoring a world-record goal in a tournament that he was a part of – the 2002 World Cup. But beyond this, Ronald is a very humble person who loves his country and the game of football so much. To make it into the top ten of the world players’ list is a tremendous feat and one that every football fan can be immensely proud of. That should be enough motivation for you to start looking out for your own Ronald Hofficler replica shirt and dream of becoming just like him!


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