Who is Ronaldo’s Girlfriend? The Answer May Surprise You


Who is Ronaldo’s Girlfriend? The Answer May Surprise You

rio who is Ronaldo. What an amazing player. He has scored over 80 goals in his international career. Ronaldo dos Santos was born in Madeira, Portugal and grew up playing for the island’s local side as well as for the national side. He is now at the heart of the Real Madrid attack and is considered by many to be one of the best central forwards in the world.


Ronaldo started playing soccer when he was eight years old and it took him only nine years to make his first team appearance. In fact it took him three years to earn his first piece of yellow and black cloth. Ronaldo has also scored numerous goals for his country and he has captained his country multiple times. Most notable of these achievements was his goal during the 2008 FIFA World Cup. His subsequent goals have earned him the Puskar trophy, theouchalio trophy as the tops goalscorer in the competition, the Galo trophy as the top goalscorer in the tournament and the Campello award as the player of the year.


Ronaldo is currently dating a Brazilian supermodel calledwoman Marta. The two have been together since 2005 and their relationship has been building since then. Ronaldo’s net worth is in excess of seven millions so he is clearly a man who has money to burn. The couple have been together for nine years and they are expecting a baby during this period. This is not the first time that they have been seen together but it certainly is the second.


Ronaldo is due to have a baby with his current girlfriend, irina shayk, in april. There are reports that the pair will get full custody of the child if they do not have a child each and every year. If the courts were to rule in favour of the girl, it would be seen as good news for Ronaldo and his family as it means he does not have to continue with a lengthy legal battle with his ex. If the court rules against them, irina shayk could potentially lose her full custody of the child.


Having so much going for him, it is no surprise thatRonaldo is using social media avenues to communicate with his millions of followers. He has hundreds of instagram and facebook friends and recently started using twitter to tweet about his recent travels and personal matters. The football star is said to be using instagram to upload some of his favorite pictures which can include himself in a Portugal team shirt, relaxing on a yacht or enjoying a day at the races. Ronaldo’s other social media outlets are also being used by the football star. He has over 13 million followers on his various accounts including Facebook, twitter and instagram.


One of the reasons why Ronaldo is able to continue playing at such a high level now is because he is still in great physical shape. He has not played a single minute of football since June of last year due to a leg injury. During this time he did not even bother to train as he was focused on returning to action as quickly as possible. Ronaldo limped back into action in the final game of the season against Benfica but he did not play and was doubtful whether he would ever be able to again. A few weeks later he was named Man of the Month for the second consecutive month. It was the only occasion that he was named Man of the Year.


Ronaldo is married to an Italian women called Irina who is forty years his age. They have four children, Lourdes, Pedro, Roberto and Maria. His two other ex-wives are Fabio Franchi and Carla de Belvedere. When he announced that he was going to marry Irina, the pair were stunned but didn’t seem to be concerned that the announcement may affect their marriage in any way.


When asked if they were dating at the moment, Ronaldo said “No”. When quizzed if he was dating Irina, he said “not yet, maybe sometime”. In the advert 10 years ago, when asked who is Ronaldo’s girlfriend, he said “no, not really” and added that he was enjoying his single life. It looks like he may change his answer a little bit over the coming months and years. For the time being it is all going according to plan.


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