Why Can’t You Get Up Early in the Morning?


Why Can’t You Get Up Early in the Morning?

“Why Can’t You Get Up Early in the Morning?” is a question I hear quite often from my patients. When you are tired, your body and brain are trying to conserve energy and not expend it all at once. When you get older, you slow down so it’s easier for your body to stay in that condition without being in a hurry.

Why Cant You Get Up Early In The Morning


It’s hard because the clock reads 8 o’clock and you know you should be waking up. It really doesn’t seem that long to me, but it’s definitely a time consuming battle with yourself. If it’s hard to get up in the morning, how much easier is it to fall asleep at night? Why can’t you just go to sleep and wake up whenever you feel tired?


There are many solutions that can be taken care of naturally to help you go to sleep and stay asleep. Sleep aids are usually a last resort for anyone who wants to be relieved of the symptoms of insomnia. These are not recommended if you have certain medical problems that might make them ineffective. You should see your doctor before trying them as they may cause more harm then good. Why take a chance on having an accident while driving or falling asleep while driving? Try natural ways first and then if you find they work, consider taking prescription medications.


A good way to get to sleep is to lie down flat on your back, put your head and neck into a pillow and put your hands behind your head and neck. Closing your eyes can help too. Just focus on a simple thing like a star or your hand moving down the street. It helps to center your mind and relax a bit.


If you’re feeling restless and have been awake for a while, try going on the internet for awhile. Some of the most relaxing and calming things can be found on the internet. Reading for instance, can be very calming if you can find the right book. Reading can also be a time to read your favorite books or other literature.


Another thing that can help you get to sleep is drinking a cup of warm milk around 6 in the morning. Drinking this can help you settle your nerves. This is best done just after waking up. Don’t do it in the afternoon or evening.


Avoid caffeine and alcohol for a while. They tend to disrupt your sleep and wake you up. Go for about an hour and take a walk around the house. Try listening to your favorite music on your mp3 player. Exercise in the afternoon can also help. You should always stretch before bed to keep your muscles limber.


You can try drinking tea or coffee before you go to bed. Also try some scented oils. They have been known to help induce sleep. These are just a few suggestions you can try to help yourself fall asleep.


If these don’t work, then there are prescription drugs that you can take. There are also some over the counter medications that can be helpful. You should discuss these options with your doctor and make sure that they will be effective. Some of these might have side effects so you should only use them as a last resort. Your doctor should also be able to recommend a natural sleep aid.


You should also establish a regular time for sleeping. Many people have trouble going to sleep at random times. The best time for you to go to bed is when you are relaxed and comfortable. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, then this can lead to stress and anxiety which can further disrupt you. Find a way to get restful sleep so that you feel good when you wake up.


If none of these tips work, then you may want to talk to your doctor about an over the counter treatment. This can be in the form of an antihistamine or sleeping pills. If you try them for a while, they shouldn’t cause any problems. They will allow you to get to the same point that you were at before.


If you are asking yourself “Why can’t you get up early in the morning? “, then you should be happy that you are able to sleep soundly at night. Sleep can give you the energy that you need to face your day. If you can’t sleep, you are more likely to be less productive in your job. Take the necessary steps to get to sleep and stay asleep so that you can focus your efforts on your job and not on sleep.


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