World Best Hacker Groups Ranking


Hacker : It is defined as a person who enters the networks of personal and corporate computers without permission. Hacker groups are made up of these people. There are 8 types of hacker groups; They are white hat, gray hat, black hat, white hat, phreaker, software hacker, script kiddie, lamer and hacktivist. In this article, wewrote the world’s best hacker groups ranking.

DDoS attack : The networks of websites have a certain number of quotas, for example, if the daily potential of a news site is 5000, if1 million entries are made per day to that news site as a result of DDoS attacks, the website of the site is thus crashed. Because the entries that are far above its capacity lock the page. DDoS attacks are also generally like this.

Ranking Of The World’s Best Hacker Groups

1. Ayyıldız Tim

This hacker group was founded in 2002 in New Zealand. Those active in Turkey describe themselves as nationalist, Kemalist and patriotic. In general, the purpose of the establishment is to protect and respond to the virtual attacks that will come to the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, they see themselves as soldiers of the virtual world. He first made his name known to the world by hacking the website of the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon). The members of this group, who define themselves as patriotic, are fighting Anonymus and Radhack, who have declared war on Turkey. It also crashed the websites of states such as China and Israel.

Some Actions Of Ayyıldız Team Group :

– They attacked the United Nations website in April 2014– They attacked the Armenian extension of the United Nations– Attacked the website of Spartak Moscow sports club– Hacking the national channel website– To commemorate the Srebrenista massacre, they took down the website of Serbia’s civil and public organizations– In December 2015, they carried out a DDoS attack on the website of the Russian Ministry of Economy.– In December 2015, they hacked the website belonging to the Anonymous group– In January 2016, they crashed the website of the Russian defense ministry– In April 2014, they made various attacks on websites with US extensions.

2. Anonymous

Anonymous is defined as the world’s largest hacker group ever. It started its activities actively in 2008. However, there is no clear information about when it was founded. In general, it carries out hacking attacks for political purposes. For this reason, he is extremely close to the group called 4chan. Anonymous has no language or nationality. Its symbol is V forvendetta masks. It’s not about making money or stealing money. In some cases, he has even managed to solve a rape case and catch a child abuser. It is known that they sometimes attacked Turkey as well.

Some Actions Of Ananymous :

– 2009 Iranian election protest– Attack on Figael site– Supported the Arab Spring in Tunisia (Operation Tunisia)– Attacked Digiturk in 2012– Attacked Godady in 2012– He blocked the RTÜK system under the name of Op Turkey.– In January 2015, they made a DDoS attack on the Malaysia Airlines website.

3. Lizard Squad

They are known as the black hat hacker group. It was established in 2014. They generally do DDoS attacks on websites , but they have also attacked systems connected to games. E.g; They carried out DDoS attacks on Playstation Network, Xbox Live and North Korea. It is known that the group consists of 7 people today.

Black hat hacker groups : They can break any website or program by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities. It is also known that companies sometimes get their hands on important information. In other words, they are defined as the most harmful hacker group.

Lizard Squad G U R Uber Some Actions :

– In August 2014, they crashed the game site League Of Legend– In January 2015, they attacked Facebook, Instagram, Hipchat, Tinder– DDoS Attack on Playstation Networks in December 2014– They attacked Playstation Networks again in December 2014 and also attacked Xbox servers on that date.

4. Redhack

Redhack group was founded in 1997. It is composed of members who adopt socialist and Marxist ideology. The group has 12 main members and there are many sub-members attached to them. In general, they hack the websites of government groups and the sites of the Police Forces. They actively carried out various attacks in Turkey in 2012. They deactivated approximately 350 security directorate sites for a certain period of time. They are known as the black hat hacker group.

Some Actions Of Redhack Group :

– In February 2012, they attacked the Ankara Police Department website.– In April 2012, they attacked the sub-pages of the website of the Ministry of Interior.– In May 2012, they hacked the website of the Land Forces Command– In May 2012, they hacked the websites of 3 dairy companies to protest the poisoning of hundreds of students on the first day of the milk distribution project, which was started by the Ministry of Education under the name “School Milk Cube”.

5. Legion Of Doom

This hacker group was founded in 1980. It is among the oldest hacker groups in the world. However, they ended their activities in 2002. They are notorious for hacking phones in general. The group was formed when it faced another hacker group called Masters Of Deception . A war called “ Great Hacker Wars ” started between these two hacker groups . They do not directly damage the systems and phones they have seized. Some members of the group have been known to attack companies’ programs and phone systems. It is said that they arrange the programs they break according to themselves.

6. Master Of Deception

This hacker group has been operating since 1980. It is one of the oldest hacker groups in the world, such as Legin Of Doom . Most members are confidential. They share the information they get through a special rank. Some of this information is shared with everyone and some is confidential. The group became famous for cracking RBOC telephone switches to telephone lines, commonly called Loop Around, and hijacking systems on telephone networks. The group fought the Legion of Doom.


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